Not So Serious Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)

 Netflix is dropping most of their K-Dramas come June, which on one hand is sad, (my first K-drama experience was through that portal, and as they say the first time changes everything;) but then again it forced my hand in terms of next drama to devour this month.

Which is why My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox/Gumiho (MGiaG for short) was the next as bat,  and foMy-Girlfriend-is-a-Gumiho_590x330r some reason I was initially hesitant.  Perhaps because before I watched any Lee Seung Gi dramas, one look at this picture and I was the opposite of sold. I mean really, not only does this not resemble the LSG I know (he looks more like a teenaged speakeasy bartender suffering from constipation), but those tails seriously freaked me da frack out, it’s what I’d imagine the boogeyman having  as a tool to grab you while your sleeping*… But, with the on-going question of how many tails Mi-Ho possessed, it soon changed. Now I am basically obsessed with him, from being a manly puppy, to his heodangness. He is the OTO (one true oppa) of my dreams (where he must often battle against boogeyman/evil imaginary friends). I mean exhibit B.

Lee Seung Gi Got Milk

Got Milk? If not I have some tasty 1% so come to me Seung Gi!!!!!

*Wait so you aren’t constantly afraid of being kidnapped from the dark mysteries that lie beneath your mattress? Well obviously y’all didn’t see this Disney channel original movie as a youngster.  Yes this was marketed towards 8 year olds. Or was it?  #Disney fail

Anyways how could I not adore this Hong Sisters classic. Much like Pasta, it featured plenty of couple interactions because how annoying is it when your two leads spend more time together in memory montages than actually being in the same space.  Then add in perhaps the most adorable performance ever as played by Shin Min-ah. Aeygo that didn’t make me roll my eyes!

shin mina aeygo

And since Mina’s Mi-Ho really really really really really really wanted to be human I’m calling this next segment.  Gumiho’s – They’re Just Like Us!

Gumiho just like us

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A Deep Dive into the Whimsical World of Award Shows, Representation, and Style vs. Substance


Note: Apologies in advance, as this very well may turn into stream of conscious bout of rambling, much of which has already been said in various places here, but even if this turns into a glorified diary entry, I just need to organize my thoughts in whatever chaotic way this post turns out to be.  May I suggest gearing up for a light-hearted review of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (coming soon!) or below with a hilarious spoof of K-Dramas.

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Video Variety – K Drama Parody

Bobby_lee_korean_soapK drama parody


This weeks video comes courtesy of Mad TV (1996-2009) which is basically a more multicultural SNL from what I’ve seen.  Sketches “Bon Qui Qui” and “Can I Have Your Number”  were instant dorm room classics, but today I’m focusing on the aptly titled Attitudes and Feelings Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive.  Above is one part of the five part “series” spoofing on everything from subtitle flaws, melo cliches, Korean culture, and even Westerners erm “acting”.  Now this series (AaFBDaSS for a nonsensical abbreviation) was created by Korean-American comedian Bobby Lee, who has definitely seen a drama or twenty to spoof so many aspects of the medium.

K drama Parody MadTV4

Unlike other parodies I have seen which focus on one drama in particular (usually done by K-Pop group), this attempts to poke fun at  Korean television as a whole (in a P13 fashion).  Anyways I would suggest watching from the beginning, so below is AaFBDass&^D in it’s entirety. Enjoy!

Top 5 – Alternative Pairings/Couples in Dramaland

When watching Pasta,(no major spoilers here)  my 2nd favorite relationship outside the main couples epicenter of cuteness, was the blossoming friendship of Gong Hyo-Jin and Choi Jae-Hwan’s characters.  They were lowest on the literal and metaphorical food chain (basically kitchen grunts), and often helped each other out when in dire straits.

Screenshot 2014-05-17 14.35.40Screenshot 2014-05-17 14.40.06

I then realized that outside of a OTP (and let’s face it, sometimes in spite of) it’s these types of relationships that are my favorite part of any show.  Not to deviate from K-Dramas but Mad Men has perhaps the greatest male-female platonic relationship of all-time, but watching I realize how rare that is in any storytelling medium.  So that was the basis for this top 5, but I’m making it a little bit more interpretive.  Basically any sort kind of special connection between two characters that is not easily definable (mom daughter for example), a one true pairing, or a 2nd leads thang is fair game. Hopefully that works…

Screenshot 2014-05-17 14.37.25

Good to know! and without further ado, here is number 5!

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Greatest. Mashup. Everrrrr. (and the new game inspired by it!)

That was fan-freaking-hilariously-delicious! this mash up uses her love interests Chep! and Dokko Jin from Pasta and Greatest Love respectively, and without giving anything away things take a bromantic turn in the ladder half of the vid.

So now I just  really want to combine all her TV love interests in some sort of epic movie or reality show death match. Imagine… the Coffee Prince lads with the Something Happened in Bali boys, add a Dokko Jin, and just a pinch of Thank You‘s Jang Hyuk for good measure and you’ve got…. Well dunno exactly but it sure sounds like a smexy good time! In fact…

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My Not So Serious Review – Pasta (2010)

So I just finished, and I’m normally not one for this kinda of thing but I decided to give it a go, and I’m happy to report it turned out okay.   I was nervous, mostly on what others would think but…. between Betty’s guidance (she’s strict, yet fair) and the easy accessibility of that sly fox Bertolli everything worked out!


Though I’m much more handy with these noodles then the edible kind.

Oh yeah, that drama was pretty good to, probably better than my attempt to recreate La Sefra’s stomach rumbling creations…


Creativity and pasta, the main ingredients to fine Italian dining, so this would get a pass from the chef right? Answer – Yes Chep!

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Top 5 – Best Western/English Music Used in K-Dramas


The Unnecessarily Long and Winding Intro…

No, this will not be about the Muzak song selection used in the hotel chain’s elevators (sorry next time I swears), but will focus on English song choices in dramas. This was inspired from the drama I’m currently watching You’re All Surrounded which is perhaps the first drama I’ve seen that used an English pop song as the tune that’s played over the closing credits following each episode. The choice is inspired, as “The Black Parade” the 2006 hit from alt-rock band My Chemical Romance, brings back some serious high school nostalgia when I was rocking what I’ll call “light faux angst”. “Back Parade” is great because its a winking take on the “I’m mad at everything” emo cliche, and is also catchy as all get out. So this becomes the perfect anthem for our cold, emo puppy Dae Koo (Played by Lee Seung-Gi) who is dealing with the weight of his past and thirst for revenge, but you know you outside his harsh exterior is just an adorable misunderstood genius, like surely all My Chemical Romance fans.

You're all surrounded - LSG

Look at how both try to act so grown up with the all black.


Guy-liner or guns, doesn’t matter. Both still adorable.

Whoops got sidetracked…. This list could also be called the Billy Joel “Piano Man” memorial list, as in an honest world Secret Love Affair’s excellent use of the song would be my #1.  Since I already discussed it as part of my wacky theory on an earlier post, I’ll just give it a quick mention here…Now on to the actual list.

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