My Not So Serious Review – Pasta (2010)

So I just finished, and I’m normally not one for this kinda of thing but I decided to give it a go, and I’m happy to report it turned out okay.   I was nervous, mostly on what others would think but…. between Betty’s guidance (she’s strict, yet fair) and the easy accessibility of that sly fox Bertolli everything worked out!


Though I’m much more handy with these noodles then the edible kind.

Oh yeah, that drama was pretty good to, probably better than my attempt to recreate La Sefra’s stomach rumbling creations…


Creativity and pasta, the main ingredients to fine Italian dining, so this would get a pass from the chef right? Answer – Yes Chep!

This drama could be considered the Seinfield of Korean dramas, because as I’ve heard other reviewers point out, nothing happens.  I mean there weren’t any birth secrets revealed, zero evil league of evil parental figures, and people had this annoying habit of not being noble idiots and making decisions that us nonus dramalandeous characterales (i.e regular people) would do.  Now, I totally get why people would be bored by a show that is really only about two things – the inner machinations of a restaurant, and a pair of souls that came together under its roof.  Luckily, this pair was played by Gong Hyo-Jin and Lee Sun-Gyun because their grounded performances became essential for a character driven drama that depended on the leads more than most.  Their scenes together were so freaking cute, and also worked because as an audience we were treated to a rare sight in dramaland, in that we actually got to seem them as a couple.  Again this show never went for theatrics, fights were realistic but never all-encompassing, plus they actually told each other stuff.  When does that ever happen?

Look this show wasn’t perfect: to borrow from the umpteenth food metaphors the show used, the cast was over bloated, and parts were under-cooked, namely the slightly worthless “there still jobless?” step-sisters.  Also, plot threads were dropped (wine binging older sis cougar hunting Phillip), or not used at all (I kept forgetting Gong Hyo Jin and Honey Lee were roommates). Most importantly, I really hated how just to uphold a stupid metaphor, they were torturing those freaking goldfish.  I don’t even like fish, (unless they are blackened and of cat variety) but seriously it bothered me.

goldfish1 torture 1

They might has well have just done this and put them out of their circular, claustrophobic misery.

They didn’t even feed the darn things till the last episode, and if they ever use that wine glass for public use, I will bring the health dep. on their asses so fast –  Alex smile, or no Alex smile.


…Fine Alex you and your pearly whites win, but we are having a serious discussion about mistreating animals later.  Have you perhaps ever heard of a little singer called Sarah McLachlan? She has some words to hauntingly sing about whats occurring under your management.

Other Tidbits:

  • Soundtrack was fantabulous!  Seriously Every Single Day can be in charge of every single drama OST from here on out.  From the score selections, to recurring K-indiepop type songs, and even the café music (Ben Folds!).  Reminded me of a caffeinated coffee prince soundtrack (no pun intended).
  • I also appreciated both second leads and how what started as typical 2nd lead material, soon deviated into more realistic portrayals of humans who exist in the real world.
  • Loved team Italy and a pre-fame Choi Jin Hyuk, who I haven’t yet watched in a substantial role which shall be changing shortly.
  • Can’t say this enough –  Lee Sun-Gyun, Lee Sun-Gyun, Lee Sun-Gyun! Damn, I thought maybe he’d be like Beetlejuice and appear if I said his name three times.


Weird list of drama commonalities (hopefully glossary update forthcoming) (Update: the time is now! here is said glossary)

netflix makeoutfy nicknames – goldfish         crazy cameo
Hong/Gong state farm(neighbors) Soundtrack! English done right

Rating (my rating, overall quality):

8.5 ruined scallops, 7.5 Yes Cheps!


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