Greatest. Mashup. Everrrrr. (and the new game inspired by it!)

That was fan-freaking-hilariously-delicious! this mash up uses her love interests Chep! and Dokko Jin from Pasta and Greatest Love respectively, and without giving anything away things take a bromantic turn in the ladder half of the vid.

So now I just  really want to combine all her TV love interests in some sort of epic movie or reality show death match. Imagine… the Coffee Prince lads with the Something Happened in Bali boys, add a Dokko Jin, and just a pinch of Thank You‘s Jang Hyuk for good measure and you’ve got…. Well dunno exactly but it sure sounds like a smexy good time! In fact…


It’s Okay That’s Love -Contestant 14- Jo in-Sung        Codename: Balies of Steel


Master’s Sun – Contestant 13 – So Ji-Sub                  Codename: The Ethereal Man


Greatest Love – Contestant 11 Cha Seung Won         Codename: Heartstopper


Pasta – Contestant 10 – Lee Sun-Gyun Codename: The Mafia Menace


Thank You – Contestant 7 – Jang Hyuk                     Codename: Blood bath

Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy

Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy – Contestant 5 – Gong Yoo Codename: Star-k raving mad

I feel round one would have to begin with 13 and 11, because A. #14 (Jo In Sung) is a total NKotB so he gets a 1st round bye and B. As shown in the pictures, when it comes to vascular organs, these guys seem to care more than most so that’s why I’m calling round one…

Heart 2 Heart (Hong Kong/Gong edition)

dokka and so ji

Let the made up games begin!


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