Not So Serious Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)

 Netflix is dropping most of their K-Dramas come June, which on one hand is sad, (my first K-drama experience was through that portal, and as they say the first time changes everything;) but then again it forced my hand in terms of next drama to devour this month.

Which is why My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox/Gumiho (MGiaG for short) was the next as bat,  and foMy-Girlfriend-is-a-Gumiho_590x330r some reason I was initially hesitant.  Perhaps because before I watched any Lee Seung Gi dramas, one look at this picture and I was the opposite of sold. I mean really, not only does this not resemble the LSG I know (he looks more like a teenaged speakeasy bartender suffering from constipation), but those tails seriously freaked me da frack out, it’s what I’d imagine the boogeyman having  as a tool to grab you while your sleeping*… But, with the on-going question of how many tails Mi-Ho possessed, it soon changed. Now I am basically obsessed with him, from being a manly puppy, to his heodangness. He is the OTO (one true oppa) of my dreams (where he must often battle against boogeyman/evil imaginary friends). I mean exhibit B.

Lee Seung Gi Got Milk

Got Milk? If not I have some tasty 1% so come to me Seung Gi!!!!!

*Wait so you aren’t constantly afraid of being kidnapped from the dark mysteries that lie beneath your mattress? Well obviously y’all didn’t see this Disney channel original movie as a youngster.  Yes this was marketed towards 8 year olds. Or was it?  #Disney fail

Anyways how could I not adore this Hong Sisters classic. Much like Pasta, it featured plenty of couple interactions because how annoying is it when your two leads spend more time together in memory montages than actually being in the same space.  Then add in perhaps the most adorable performance ever as played by Shin Min-ah. Aeygo that didn’t make me roll my eyes!

shin mina aeygo

And since Mina’s Mi-Ho really really really really really really wanted to be human I’m calling this next segment.  Gumiho’s – They’re Just Like Us!

Gumiho just like us

Gumiho shin mina hamburger

They love to “have it your way” when it comes to fast food.

gumiho gym

They know going to the gym can give you quite the endorphin rush…

gumiho gym 2

… And is also a great way to bond with others.

gumiho rain protection

They make sure to bring proper protection from the elements.

take vitamins

And remember to take vitamins to have a long, healthy life.

gumiho vet's

They always make sure to have regular check-ups with a Doctor.

gumiho food is wastful

They know to not finish your food is wasteful.

gumiho bad hair

And just like humans, will have the occasional bad hair day. (Don’t worry, people will inexplicably say you look fab.)

gumiho bus

They take public transportation…

gumiho bus 2

... and when standing on a crowded bus, always grab hold for added stability and protection.

gumiho aeygo Shin-Min-Ah-as-Gumiho-gif-korean-actors-and-actresses-33103479-243-157 Finally, whether its little weird little quirks, whimsical shenanigans, or poking yourself, being normal is so overrated whereas being different seems more human.

On the Lee Seung Gi side of things let’s take a moment to recognize Dae Woong and the wonderful wide world of wardrobe transformation…

In the beginning Dae Woong had this douchey-dork combo going on and oh my his clothing sure reflected this.

dea woong dorkgumiho02-00209 (lego

Now I’m no arbiter of fashion, but between the pop-culture tees, awkward sports jackets, and Lego wrist watches this just screamed “I don’t wanna grow up, I just wanna be a aNOYing US now.”  (well that almost worked)  But as his relationship with Min-Ah developed, he became a more thoughtful, mature individual so thankfully his clothing reflected this.  Upgrades for Dae Woong both superficial and deep = hotness increases to dangerous levels.

dae good clothes dae woong black

Rest in peace crazy color combos, say hello to more muted colors, sweaters, and blossoming love!

g8dae woong stylish

In the final episode he brought out the big guns – undying love, adoration, and sexy leather jackets. Swoon^nth degree.  So with this mighty fine transformation, he could truly handle anything, but where to go from here? To me it seems the only path where he can climb higher highs for both fashion and the world, would be amongst the royal elite.  But perhaps that’s just me…

king to hearts

Not so Quick Hits:

  • I almost forgot to mention Emo Lips (the E stands for exposition), who many people thought was one spicy piece o’ man, and though he didn’t really do it for me, he obviously had some sort of mesmerizing air about him.  Cause how in the heck were Mi-Ho and later Dae-Woong literally hanging on every word he said as if it were gospel.  Mi-Ho Grrrl, once you realized the potion he gave you had murderous properties, perhaps its time to alter your interactions with him. Next time lets hold on a sec, don’t look Pouty Lips McHaircut in the eye, and maybe bring in a control group to see just how much fantastical conspiracy this guy is theorizing.
  • This OST was super all over the place… which is kinda why I loved it! (my hipster card is now revoked).  I mean the instrumental introductions for bitchy 2nd lead and Not-a-Vet were just golden.  I believe it was the former’s song that would fit in great as a club track that the 1st generation 90210 kids would swerve dance to.
  • In some ways I feel like the Hong Sister’s real reasoning for making MGIAG was creating a hidden time capsule commemorating the late ought’s (2008-2009, because those were such booming years for the world).  It started with an ode to such hits like The Dark Knight, Indian Jones: The One with the Aliens,  and Twilight.  Continued with those sweet sweet sounds of autotune and Ke(dollar sign)Ha, and made it complete  by reviving the dying bootcut jean and showing off those mildly intelligent phones (let’s say they are equivalent of attending Glendale Community College, compared to today’s Oxford cellular technology grads)
  • Well-done parodies and spoofs can often be my life force, so the fact that Gumiho pulled off so many makes my day.  Here is a list containing my favorite references: Kill Bill, The Matrix, Chow Yun Fat, Twilight, Chucky, the classic left at the alter scene, and the Mario Bros. game format as life stages.
  • One episode heavily featured the story of The Little Mermaid, and was used in a similar fashion in Secret Garden (with SG premiering later that year). Interesting… maybe, its become a Korean staple – like the film Kill Bill, or song “Let it Go”, which means Koreans just can’t get enough of Ariel and her series of bad life decisions.  Or more likely someone on the SG staff took Hong’s idea and slowly couple walked with it.
  • Wow you anti-mating fox bead, haven’t you ever heard the saying “Make Love, Not War  slowly kill off your host”.
  • I want, nay I need to find housing like the action school abode – open floor plan…rooftop patio… gym attachment with balls every which way (come on y’all I’m being serious). It’s probably the Ten-year-old in me, but I never knew how much I’ve needed to live in an indoor playground till now.
  • And fin-al-ly! – So so so so appreciated how well the groundwork was laid for their eventual relationship.  Especially compared to recent dramas, where all you need is two pretty people who interact, then throw in some glances, slow-mo editing and boom – instant love.  MGIAG showed how they both came to like and love one another from Mi-ho’s inital imprinting,(sorry to go all Twilight on you) to appreciation in how he treats her like person.  And with Dae Woong, it was a slower evolving process that grew from the fact that he was forced to be there for her,(being a creature from the Joseon era and all) which led to emotions, then feelings, then kissing, and hugging and lovin’!

Weird List of Drama Commonalities (For fully explained Glossary, click here)

Hong/Gong roomiz fo life Soundtrack! The House!
netflix show biz nicknames – crazy eye contract dating rooftops
crazy cameo – jeremy, UEE, Gominam

Rating (personal, overall quality.) Out of Ten.

9.5 Hoi Hoi’s, 9.5 hamburgers, hold the bun (Courtesy of McDonalds™).

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