The SNL vs SNL: Korea Smackdown – Part One: The Standoff

SNL vs SNL Korea

While watching SNL (Saturday Night Live) Korea’s excellent GTA series, I wondered why SNL original recipe didn’t come up with their own version.  The US may not be as video game savvy as South Korea, but part of the brilliance of those videos is how they incorporate Korean historical events or holidays (like Japanese Occupation or White Day), so transferring the same structure with American history and culture would be easy and probably better than most of the sketches produced this season.

This led to some Youtube spiraling to see if one group has, shall we say, been “inspired” by the other, and which cast produced the better sketch based on the same idea.  This weeks sketch  – “The Standoff”, a simple premise that seems widely universal, all you need is guys (or gals), guns, and a ill-timed doctors appointment.  Stay tuned for both videos after the jump!

US Version: The Standoff. Guest – Jeremy Renner. Airdate: November 17th, 2012

Here is SNL-US take on the standoff. I have it embedded below, and also have a link included here, in case the other doesn’t work. Enjoy!

Alright so it’s okay, I felt they didn’t take full advantage of the premise, but props for having the sketch not over stay its welcome.

Music: Pretty basic guitar line, which isn’t helpful when it will be played on a loop and is the cue for the next shot.

Favorite Group Activity: Reading Goodnight Moon while huddled on a twin size bed.

Rating: 6/10

Korean Version: Iris 1.5 Parody. Guest – Lee Beom-Soo. Airdate: June 13th, 2013

SNL Korea’s take is supposedly based on the Iris franchise, I guess because Beom-Soo starred in Iris 2, and ya know, guns. Though if that’s all it take to be considered a parody, SNL should have called the original skit  “The Bourne Legacy 1.3: Bourne Standing”

Music: Ahh yes, this was used to greater effect.  Felt like it came straight from [insert action movie here]’s score (perhaps this was used in IRIS?), and the heightened tempo made everything more seamless.

Favorite Group Activity: In terms of laughs the bank excursion and the gross yet funny health examination.  But in terms of things I want to do, watching soccer whilst drinking beer floats? YES.

Rating: 9/10

The Koreans easily take this round, as they built upon the premise by having a better score, more laughs, and a much more satisfying (yet tragic) ending.  Let me know who you would vote for, and if you know of any other SNL similarities.  I have at least one more SNL smack-down coming up which involves gumihos, novelty songs, and annoying boy/girlfriends so stay tuned (or is it blogged?).

*Random but I see many similarities between Renner and Beom-Soo.  They aren’t your typical hot young n’ tall versions of action stars but are both excellent actors capable of being apart of an ensemble (Avengers, Iris 2) or a lead (Bourne Legacy, Hots, Giant), and still manage to bring sexy back.  All in a days work I guess.

Standoff SNL Korea

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