Oh So Cinematic – Korean Film Reviews Vol. 1: Secretly One Ajusshi

2b601d15ecdb26bcd91d48e315eabb43 This-photo-provided-by-Showbox-on-July-21-2013-shows-a-movie-still-from-South-Koreas-tragicomic-action-film-Secretly-Greatly-via-AFP-e1374566666699

These days I hardly watch any movies outside of going to the theater, which also means I have little to no knowledge of Korean film.  So I’m slowly working my way through a list of critically acclaimed films.  Problem is, now that I need to satiate my thirst for my fav K-Drama actors, it’s led to some questionable movie watching decisions.  Also known as watching My Girlfriend is an Agent before Old Boy.  Here are some mini reviews (and with all my reviews,  they shouldn’t be taken too seriously;)
ping-pong old

As One –aka That ping-pong movie that must be taken seriously.

Rating – 8/10

Table tennis direction – excellent use of both pings and pongs
Over reliance of sport-genre clichés – umpire says fault!
As for story – aces.
Acting – more than serviceable, in fact Bae Doona can’t be beat!
Music – missed the mark.
Tears? – you can try [fighting!] through them but like the Chinese, you’ll eventually lose.
All in all – great, if somewhat pat sports film. Between the political aspects, strong acting, and competition scenes, was totally worth while. As a side note: made me realize how few films in general have two female leads as its stars.

Man From Nowhere (Ajusshi) – Spoiler Alert, he’s from somewhere

Rating: 9/10

This falls right into my strong, sensitive, silent no-named male protagonist wheelhouse (and no that is not too many adjectives), similar to Ryan Gosling‘s Driver, I fell for Ajusshi and his relationship with child star extraordinaire Kim Sae Ron. With that said, I would say this is the pinnacle of those strong silent type dudes saving a young girl from the seedy underworld movies. But seriously the main guy, Won Bin, he can act a little bit.

Secretly, Greatly (Covertly, Grandly) – Nonsensically, Insanity-ly

Rating: 5.5/10

What does slapstick fish-out-of-water hijinks mixed with mama drama, band of brothers, North-South relations, a political thriller, and kung fu  craziness equal? Nothing good.  I feel this could have worked if it was either 20 hours long (i.e a drama) so it can incorporate the villagers with his fellow comrads and the myriad of other things it sprinkled in. Or else maybe just focus on one angle and stop being so obtuse! My bipolar senile dog provides more  tonal consistency then this thing called a film, and yet with its very, very pretty cast I still managed to watch the whole thing:)

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