SNL East vs West Part Two: Here’s What the Fox Said


So this seems pretty much inevitable no? I mean how can the topical sketch comedy show not have its own take on last years winner for the quirky MV that enticed the world for 4 minutes. (past recipients: 2012’s “Gangnam Style”, and 2011’s Rebecca Black “Friday”) Who said Ylvis is dead, he’s alive in the form of Norwegian comedy songsters who sing about animal sounds. If you don’t know about the noise the fox makes, I would suggest watching the original before both of these takes on the song.

Much like today’s news cycle, the shelf-life of such viral phenomenon is getting shorter and shorter, which is why it should come as no surprise that SNL original recipe and SNL extra Korean debuted their respective videos on the exact same day.

Just like part one of SNL (US vs KOR) series I’ll show each digital short before saying my opinions and crowning an eventual winner on who did it best. So let’s bring on some fox noises!

snl snl korea fox saySNL:US – “What Does My Girl Say” With Kerry Washington.  Air Date: November 2nd, 2013

Thoughts: This is an interesting case.  When it comes to sketches  as reaction to something, it often becomes an exaggeration of the original (basically the blueprint for parody).  But how do you out crazy the crazy town that is that fox video?  Well in SNL’s case they didn’t.  Instead, they made excellent use of their host, (in an episode where Washington also had to make up for the lack of African-American’s presence on the show by playing every famous black female, all in one episode.) and focused its energy in dealing with nagging boyfriends/girlfriends, with some subtle racial politics thrown to make things interesting.  Me thinks this was a very creative option, that was both funny and relatable (POV of spousal arguments anyone?).  I enjoy everything from the family dynamic bit at the beginning and the role reversal at the end.  Goodtimes all around!

Rating: 9.5/10

SNL: Korea – “What Does the Fox Say- Parody” Air Date: Nov. 2nd 2013

Thoughts:  This was basically a slow-pitch amiright?  How can they not go the gumiho route when a weird novelty song about foxes goes global, and it just so happens that the 9 tailed variety is your countries mythological bread and butter.  But, like I said before, hard to outdo craziness like the Ylvis version and comes off more as a retread than something really worth while. Though the line about gumiho roles drying up was fantastic, plus some Jay Park is never a bad thing.

Rating: 6/10

Which means those darn Yankees win, though if the competition was based on wire work or bunny costumes, the Koreans would have cleaned up.  Now overall in this SNL showdown we have score like 80% of football matches, 1:1. I dunno how to break the tie because I haven’t yet found another set of similar sketches, so if anyone finds another one, want to talk about which sketch they thought was hot to trot, or just wanna horse around in the comments, you won’t hear me saying neigh.

Horse ylvis snl

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