Video Variety – Hard Hitting Journalism Edition: Yeo Chi (Jung Ryeo-Won) Interviews Britney Spears

Thank God for the internet as this one is quite the magnificent mess. This “interview” featuring what I will guess as a pre-fame (aka MLSS) Jung Ryeo-Won (sporting a delightful Aussie accent btw) and a pre-shaved head/umbrella fighting champion Spears. (little context was given but I’d figure it was around 2003?).
I mean where to begin??? For starters I still haven’t managed to watch in its entirety due to embarrassment. Mostly on my end but this whole thing is just so gloriously awkward, much in the way that cringe comedies dare you to look away from the screen.

Me thinks the combination of Korean talk show (which is oft going for some sort of gag) and an um, let’s say bubble headed superstar foreigner are not the recipe for success, though Spears remained a good sport.
Favorite part? When Ryeo-Won just rolled with Britany’s skewering of the Korean pronunciation for “I Love You”. Not like I would do much better (give me a cleaver and I can butcher all languages), But hopefully when #itsBritanybitch was walking along the streets of Seoul she wasn’t greeting passers-by by saying “Salaheyong” which sounds like either a warrior chant or the makings of a new clapping game for youngsters (“sala hey, sala ho, which young man will be your beau? – Patent pending;)
Anyways, hopefully I wasn’t too mean spirited as Spears seems like a lovely person, just not one I would want to get stuck on an elevator with. JRW on the other hand, how much fun would that be? Learning about the art of cursing (swearing), hearing about all local hotspots in Queensland and Seoul, and..well I guess like having a conversation to learn about the actual person.

Yeo Chi - HotS
If weird Britney laughter isn’t your jam, a finer occasion of West meets East includes the fine Tom Hiddelston, dancing it up on SNL Korea. Loki should’ve danced his Cain and Able type problems away with moves like that.

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