Bae Doona continues to be Wachowskis’ # 1 Korean, will be cast in Netflix Series

Well this seems… interesting. The Wachowskis, directors of such films such as Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas, and The Matrix Trilogy, are about to film a new series for streaming giant Netflix, presumably so they’ll still have jobs before the release of wackadoo janitorial space opera Jupiter Ascending. This film where not even the power of  a hobbit yearning Channing Tatum could prevent it from having a delayed release from this summer, to the cinematic garbage dump of February (though this does fit more thematically).

jupiter (1)So, they are partnering with Netflix to create  a science fiction/conspiracy thriller connecting characters from across the globe, which seem to be their motus operendi at the moment.  “Entitled Sense8, the story follows eight telepathically connected strangers who experience a shared vision. After their sudden psychic link-up, the eight (each located in different countries) are able to see and talk to each other with their minds. As they try to figure out how and why the event happened, a “mysterious” man tries to bring the group together, while another — the intriguingly named “Mr. Whispers,” seeks to kill them.” (Source Pajiba) The Wachowskis are very hit and miss for me, but one thing you can’t fault them for is how they always strive for innovation and originality both technically and story-wise.  This seems like an interesting concept, but like most untested Sci-Fi properties, it’s hard to deduce whether you have a thought provoking classic (Matrix) or an utter mess (Jupiter Ascending, so it may be easier to deduce the drivel).  I’ll remain hopeful, one because stories featuring an international cast always pique my interest, and two because of the actors involved.  The siblings gathered actors from some of my favorite sci-fi/globetrotting properties such as Lost (Naveen Andrews), Doctor Who (Freema Aygemon), and Splash (mermaids come from the ocean, the ocean is world-wide. Totally Counts.) In addition,they have assembled several Wachowskis’ regulars including the aforementioned Doona.(Host, As One)  iZwxTQNcdYb8This will be their third collaboration, following Cloud Atlas, and Jupiter Ascending.  Obviously she is an outstanding actress,  and from the parts I remained conscious for in Cloud Atlas, she was stellar.  (Though I was in REM cycle for the scenes where she may have played a Mexican heiress. Unfathomable this film wasn’t box office gold.)

Trixter_CA_318_esf0430_01_breakdown_v038_Step01.1050According to Pajiba, they are set to begin filming this week in San Francisco.  Other shooting locations include: London, Berlin, Seoul, Iceland, Mexico City, Nairobi and Mumbai.  This means there may be possibilities for other Korean actors to pop up, which will always be a welcome addition.  We’ll see if this becomes a beautiful disaster or not, but for now I can only hope that they refrain from any elvish punk rock/race changing make-up.  I know its hard guys, but in your best film, Keanu only altered his hair length depending on what reality he was in, so let’s keep it just as simple.  Buzz cuts and other dimensions are your recipe for success so don’t blow it (again).

matrix keanushave1


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