Video Variety – Big Bang Secret Garden Parody

So to complete the Secret Garden referencepalooza, might as well include the greatest tribute done by a K-Pop group. Pretty much any infamous scene from the hit drama they cover and then some. But seriously, try not to laugh out loud while watching. I dare you.

That was soo much better than anticipated, these guys are already streets ahead of most idols posing as actors in actual dramas. Where to begin? How about that one guy (sorry, I have so little knowledge with K-Pop, so the only ones I’ve heard of are G-Dragon and T.O.P.) totally owning the Oska role down to finite mannerisms, speech patterns, and style**.  The stars of the show were fairly perfect as well, with G-Dragon occasionally doing a better Ha Ji Won then Ha Ji Won herself!  If ever she needs a stunt double, call him up for an expert imitator, with an added dose of irony. Only problem watching this is you realize how unnecessary it is for dramas to be 20 hours long, when all the main points can be told in 20… minutes.

* Did I choke on granola when EVVILLL mom (Daesung) kept saying “smell”? Answer – YES. Almost two near death experiences occurred while watching because I was also dying with laughter.

* Crazy how their kiss scenes are better than 90% of dramas kisses. Network shows really need to step up their game.

*Probably the first same sex kiss I have seen on a Korean anything.  Yay for progress!

*Now I don’t know whether I’d rather look up T.O.P. photos or rewatch Secret Garden.  One of life’s real cruelties I know.

*Now that I’ve done more “research”, how have these guys not been more involved in the drama biz?  Never thought I’d say this but idols, go forth and act!

**Oska as played by Seungri.  Thanks rueknot!


9 thoughts on “Video Variety – Big Bang Secret Garden Parody

  1. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched this parody, and it still cracks me up. Daesung as Evil Mom just floors me with the “Smell!” bit. FYI, using your Secret Big Bang screencap above, from l to r they are: Taeyang, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Seungri, and Daesung. (I can hear my sister laughing at me: “How is it you even know this?”)

    • Haha so true. I had seen this once before so I was just going to skim through this time round for the post…and then the fastest 19 minutes ever occurred and I had watched in it’s entirety. I updated the post accordingly so much thanks for the information! If I were to listen to like two of their songs, and I’m not a Kpop connoisseur, What ones would you suggest?

      • My personal favorite for the whole band is Love Dust, although the video for Fantastic Baby is so bizarre it qualifies as a Must See. (Check ’em out on YouTube.) Among their individual projects, G-Dragon’s Gossip Man (featuring Kim Gun Mo) is the BEST. (Full disclosure: I’m not a connoisseur, either. I just like what I like!)

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