Video Variety – K-Pop meets Pitch Perfect…Sort of

fx anna kendrick funnyordieAnna Kendrick FX cloud atlas

So this week’s video will continue with the K-Pop theme from last week. This time with the group f(x) at the center, who find themselves working with American actress Anna Kendrick, and the results – hilarity of course!  Now as you may have noticed, I am a bit lacking in the K-Pop department, but Hollywood pop culture? I’m your girl.

For those unaware, Anna Kendrick is a singer/actor who has performed on broadway and been in such films like the Twilight series (girl gotta start somewhere), Up in the Air (aka the one with George Clooney. She was amazing), and the behemoth that was Pitch Perfect/that film with the cup song.  At the time of it’s release, I was still in school and working at a movie theater and jeez have never seen so many people watch one film so many times.  (My co-worker had seen it 34 times.  In theaters.  Cray.) I reckon with one-liners like these, it demands repeat viewing.

This isn’t to say Kendrick herself doesn’t have a sense of humor, take this faux Super Bowl ad.

She also dated Edgar Wright, my favorite comedic director (who is easy on the eyes as well)


All of this, is an excuse to showcase funny things  to better set-up this video, where East meets West in a battle of  assimilation, selcas, Hollywood agents, and Starcraft.

I think we can all agree that skit was pretty hilarious, but Victoria definitely stole the show!

victoria anna kendrick fx

My no knowledge take on the K-Pop group: I’m guessing f(x) has some Americans (or Canadians?) in their group with all the flawless English going on. That’s cool. Also, are they not so secret math nerds?  Transcontinental music groups with an affinity for numerical functions? Neato. Still no cross-dressing G-Dragon, but what in life is?


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