Video Variety – Old school cover that’s got me PSYched.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 14.24.58

Now normally I’m not one for this youtube’d covers of hit songs thang.  To me I feels like it should be a more organic experience, where you must breath in the song past its Top 40 date to not just seek out chaser views, but time to fully deduce if your version would be an appropriate cover that brings something to the table.

Now that that silly musical theorizing is out of the way, let me quickly become a hypocrite by saying I love this band, who sort of exclusively deals with covering the “songs of the moment” aka the three songs you’ll hear on the radio that month.

But these aren’t ordinary covers, Postmodern Jukebox goes beyond the standard by combining todays hits with a plethora of retro genres, often producing splendid results. (the clash of two distinct types, sounds familiar…)

Anyways have a listen to this cover, done in a 1920’s jazz style, complete with flapper dress, clarinets, and surely a hidden speakeasy underneath the floorboards.  Also, if this wild and crazy group interests you, I would suggest looking any video of their’s featuring the Sad Clown.  He is the tops!


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