SNL Korea: Futbol Video Game Edition – Video Variety

My last World Cup adjacent post I swear!

First off congrats Germany for an excellent tourney.  I may not usually root for tall teams, but y’all were clearly the best team this year, thus you and your beautiful goalkeeper attained a much deserved championship.

435086_heroa Manuel-Neuer-of-Germany-holds-the-Golden-Glove-trophy-as-Lionel-Messi-of-Argentina-holds-the-Golden-Ball-trophy

Now onto more important topics, like this weeks video.  I have discussed my fondness for the SNL: Korea GTA series in the pastbut thought this would be a nice bookend to to conclude all the global soccer shenanigans.

The sketch starts off a little slow but builds to a satisfying, hilarious conclusion, which includes cameos, poking fun at football guffaws, and the wrath of Korean mothers…

Twas a decent sketch right? My favorite parts had to be the streaker (which happened a few times this cup) and the “flopping”.  Flopping or diving is always annoying, and takes away from the purity of the sport.  So anytime you parody such an occurrence, you’ll guarantee get a chuckle out of me.  For a shorter (and cuter) version of such, watch below.

Back to the sketch, the cameo was nice, though I was gunning for a Son Heung Min appearance myself.  If you liked this, I would suggest checking out their other videos in the GTA series, which tackle everything from the Japanese Occupation to Street Fighter to White Day.  Good Stuff!

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