It’s..It’s Okay That’s Love Week! #Get Excited

Heyo.  Ever since I heard about this meeting of the minds drama way back in January, I’ve been biding my time to properly freak out for its arrival. Well the time is now, and though much has changed with the drama since its potential casting announcement. –Plagiarism scandals, change in tone to lighter and more comedic, crazy car accidents.– I can’t wait to see what Noh HeeKyung, Jo InSung, and Gong HyoJin come up with.

it's okay thats love

Later this week I will post an extra super special edition of Top 5, where a battle royale of sorts will take place with only one victor.* Now your probably asking what in the hell’s bells does this have to do with It’s Okay It‘s Love? Well look here for a hints/preview of what’s to come because this showdown is no joke.

*Don’t worry, no middle schoolers were harmed in the writing of this post.

1downUntil such a time, enjoy this 6 minute long trailer for the show,  which features all the main players, including Lee KwangSoo, and Song DongIl.  All this build-up has the potential for severe disappointment, but with this cast it should be-called a beautiful disaster none-the-less.

2 thoughts on “It’s..It’s Okay That’s Love Week! #Get Excited

  1. caitlinthedvrslayer says:

    We have the EXACT same tastes in dramas! I am so excited about this drama, mostly necause of Noh Hee Kyung. I adored Padam Padam (and pretend That Winter the Drama Blew doesn’t exist) and will try out if not love any drama Gong Hyo Jin stars in.

    • Well gosh all Potomac, it certainly seems to be the case…
      Because I fell head over fucking heels with Padam Padam, to date my fastest marathon of any drama. (In fact I should probably rewatch someday considering I was way too caught up in the “feelz” to reach a critical consensus.)

      Yay for Gong dramas! I am especially excited as I believe this is the first time her character has a legit professional job. Progress!

      Oh, and a hearty “lol” for your revisionist title of what looked like a blizzard-y mess, sounds like I made the wise choice of not listening to Netflix’s recommendation on that one 🙂

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