Top 5ish – Gong Hyo-Jin Love Interests in Dramaland (Update: Vote for Your Favorite!)

With this weeks premier of her latest show, It’s Okay That’s Love, I realized that this will be my 6th (!) Gong Hyo Jin drama.  Which means I have spent more hours watching GHJ than either Lee Min Ho or Lee Seung Gi, though she still doesn’t top my apparent love affair with Ahn Suk-Hwan (UGH. 7 dramas!).

Ahn gaksital

Why are you and your mustache twirling ways in every drama ever?!?

Truth is, whenever I choose a drama, my criteria is based on critical reaction and premise rather than the actors in question, which is why it’s rather amazing the streak GHJ has going on.  To the best of my knowledge, her past six dramas have pretty much been critical or ratings successes (usually both), with zero “forgotten dramas”.  She’s also worked with some of the dramaland’s best, and though I will be focussing on her male co-stars this time around, the creative talent should make anyone jealous considering she’s worked with Lee Kyung Hee (twice), the Hong Sister’s (twice), and now also reuniting with Noh Hee Kyung.  Sounds like your typical bitchy diva who you’d never want to work with. (JK, she’s obviously amazing)

gong hyo jin turkey donkey gong hyo jin turkey?

Warning: nothing but nonsense from here on out!

Fun fact: when you Google gong lovely (a similar name to what the press calls her), many pictures of Angela Lansbury come up.  Somehow this makes sense to me.


So for a person as winning as she, her co-stars must be equally charming in order to keep up.  Considering she’s worked with the most popular and well respected actors in Korea, how should one decide which stunningly attractive GHJ co-star is the bestest, fairest of them all? Well y’all in wake of the World Cup, tournaments to decide one’s fate are trending and all the rage. So what could be a better format then brackets and a fight to the death  for one’s heart?  Think Shrek the 1st with less dragons and more smoldering and manscaping.  So let’s meet our contestants shall we?

Our most recent addition, who may be a new kid on the block when it comes to this exclusive band of GHJ faux lovers, but he’s certainly no newbie when it comes to romance.  It’s contestant 14, whose goes by Jo In Sung (What Happened in Bali, That Wind the Winter Blows), but for these purposes will henceforth be called Ballies of Steel.

jo-in-sung-and-gong-hyo-jin jo-jin-sung

He will face off against his ole comrad/heated rival. Let’s hope for a better outcome than what transpired 10 years ago… Meet Contestant 13, So Ji Sub (Master’s Sun, What Happened in Bali). Codename: The Ethereal Man.


Our next pairing will begin with a fellow who knows a thing or two about the importance of cardio and facial hair, it’s Contestant 11! Codename: Heartstopper but you know him as Cha Seung Won (Greatest Love, City Hall).

the-greatest-love-e08-110526-hdtv-xvid-hanrel-avi_001230864cha seung won

His tasty opponent will be a formidable foe in looks, laughter and life, who will attempt to prove that he is fated to love Gong Hyo Jin. Meet our contestant #7, Codename: Bloodbath aka Jang Hyuk (Thank You, Chuno)

thankyoubanneraa7 jang hyuk

Our final pairing both arrived latte  late, swearing they took the express(o) train but eventually had to be escorted by a coppa Joe to make it on-time. Luckily, they made a grand entrance including Korean indie blaring as they cooly walked into the building with their winning attitudes.  But all these niceties better turn into game faces in order to have a chance for victory..

First up, We have a man who hates bloated noodles and Top 40 as much as he’s crazy about GHJ. Contestant 10, Lee Sun Gyun (Pasta, Coffee Prince), who you may also refer to as The Mafia Menace.

Pasta-korean-dramas-33102930-1280-720 lee sun gwan

Which brings us to our final contestant, a man who makes everyone from soccer moms to tweenagers alike come together… by collectively dropping their 50 Shades of Grey/Twilight books and take in the magnificence, breath in the masculine sensitivity, and imagine the choco abs… It’s the one. The only. Perfection in human form……..Contestant 05…GONG YOO!(Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, Coffee Prince) Code Name: Star-k Raving Mad.

Biscuit Teacher & Star Candygong yoo

Now before we begin I’ve just been handed a letter stipulating my, “Completely objective presence as an MC/Announcer who in no way will show preference for the contestants and/or outcome.”  Well that’s just silly, of course I have no bias for anyone, why would anyone think such a thing?

gong hyo jin a

Well now that that is out of the way, let’s introduce tonight’s referee official.  This gentleman just missed out on the chance to participate as a contestant in this tourney due to this universe’s 10 year statue of limitations on love, which expired just last year 😦 No matter, because who to better officiate than the man who has been co-star linked with her the longest… Is it getting overcast in here, because I think a Rain storm is about to hit, heyo! So yeah, Rain (Sangdo, Let’s Go to School, Colbert Report) is the ref, who will be making appearances (including a very special halftime performance) throughout out the show. Rain, why don’t you wave to everybody?

rain ref

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let”s get down to business, but instead of defeating huns we will be breaking hearts in a Battle Royal for the OTP of all OTP’s. Let’s get started!!!

Round 1, Pairing 1: Contestants 14 and 13. Boys of Bali Showdown

Balies of steel (13) is coming in as the underdog, being inexperienced in the act of woo-ing Miss Gong.  His first act is giving her two tickets to Japan..

It's okay that's love armScreenshot 2014-07-23 18.16.39

Except So Ji Sub quickly counters with

so ji sub  injury

And Rain calls it.  So Ji-Sub wins!  By showing sympathy for GHJ by adorning a fashionable sling, it pulls the heartstrings and somehow Gong Hyo Jin is magically healed #poweroflove. So Ji Sub moves on, while #14 doesn’t walk away empty handed. He received two tickets to….Japan? Ohh bad luck there, but perhaps you can exchange them for Bali, as I hear something happens there.

Round 1 Pairing 2: Heart 2 Heart (Cha Seung Won Vs Jang Hyuk)

One has severe heart complications which he often turns into metaphors while the other specialized in cardio-thoracic medicine aka the human heart.  Both these fellows know the science of what makes a heart tick, but how about how it feels? Cha Seung Won begins by breaking out an Ipod and starts playing the National Treasure Girls song “Thump Thump.”

Omo, looks like he’s saying the song moves his heart and makes him think of her, and is showing the audience his heart monitor’s response! Oh wow, and oldie but goodie brava.  Let’s see what Jang Hyuk has up his sleeve. Well it looks like a phone… and This Just In! Word is Dr. Hyuk has received an urgent call to Yeoul island where some lady with glasses is about to give birth! Guess the only kind of Doctor he isn’t is that of Doctor Love.  Good luck with the birth Jang and looks like CSW is moving on.

Round 1 Pairing 3: The Coffee Princes (Lee Sun Gyun Vs. Gong Yoo)

This pairing has been described as the showdown of the night, though I don’t see it.  One seems the obvious choice.. Oh right, anyways let’s hope this is a great match-up.  Looks like the contestants are… talking with each other? Odd choice to begin, but let’s listen in shall we?

Gong Yoo: You and Gong hyo Jin are my best friends, why are we in this again? 

Tu e Gong Hyo Jin siete i miei migliori amici, perché siamo in questo nuovo?

LSG: Someone Called out “Chef” so I ran over and then I was drugged with undercooked Pasta! Let’s bail.

Qualcuno gridò "Chef", così ho corse e poi mi è stato drogato con la pasta cotta! Facciamo cauzione.

Gong Yoo: Plus this show seems pretty sexist.  Does my Gong in arms even get to choose who she wants?

Inoltre questo spettacolo sembra piuttosto sessista. Il mio Gong in armi anche arrivare a scegliere chi vuole?

LSG: Hey now, my character is a reformed misogynist so you don’t have to tell me twice. Let’s open a business in Italy!

Hey ahora, mi personaje es un misógino reformada por lo que no tienes que decírmelo dos veces. Vamos a abrir un negocio en Italia!

Oh my. Well we don’t have an Italian translator (though you do have a highlighter…), but we do know they’ve played characters that have went abroad in Italy to study the art of pasta and coffee making respectively…

kobe bryant

Holy shrimp cakes, look who is motioning them from the audience.  It’s none other then Italian adjacent Kobe Bryant.  Sounds like he’s offering a contract to open a series of cafe’s in Rome, Cinqua Terre, and Florence.  So now they are all walking out of the building.  What a crazy turn of events, but it seems Lee Sun Gyun left GHJ a parting gift of his vast collection of scarfs. (Too bad it’s summer)


Meanwhile Gong Yoo has left a message for Gong Hyo Jin: Gong and Gong = BF’s forever GHJ! So come and visit me in Italy, where I’ll be waiting for you and  a certain American girl… Wow is it suddenly getting hot in here or what. Think I need a minute..

And were back after the shocking conclusion to Round One, where we only have two contestants left with pairing number three joining NBA legend Kobe Bryant in the land of Meatballs and Ancient Civilizations.  What could possibly happen next?

raing halftime gifrain-bi-o

Wowza.  Thanks for an absolutely absmazing performance!

Looks like were down to the final round. Let’s get started!

Final Round: Hong Kong (Gong) Cha Seung Won VS. So Ji Sub

dokka and so ji

Guess the Hong Sisters have a way with bringing Co-Stars together, with both of our contestants being alumni from their most recent works.  Since Gong Hyo Jin likes being outdoors, the first part of this round will consist of an obstacle course set outside.  As the “Gong” Gong goes off we see CSW use the bicycle in a devastatingly cool fashion

Your all surrounded bike 2014-06-20 00.59.06 Surrounded bike 2014-06-20 01.01.21

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub sees a ferry, and decides to save energy by taking it to next stage, where he individually reenacts dramatic scenes from his favorite films.

so ji sub titanic so ji sub

Looks like the battleground is set for the final task before we can crown a winner for GHJ’s affections. Hmmm that’s odd, for some reason it seems I can’t shake the smell of incense, and it’s only becoming more intensified. Whoa what the –

Lee jin wook incense Lee Jin Wook?!? (Nine Times Time Travels, I Need Romance 2)

Mother of pearl,  I don’t believe me eyes! Time travel hasn’t been seen in these parts since the 2012 dramaland season. Lee Jin Wook looks like a man with a mission who will not be denied! Now normally something like this would be against the rules, but according to our traversing time and space clause (sect. 12, article 8) this should be allowed. Let’s get the final verdict from Rain…

stephen-colbert-rain-dance-off Sideways peace sign means all systems are go for Lee Jin Wook. Let’s see what he has up his sleeve.

Hey girl korean Lee jin wook

So now the question looms to let LJW in her heart or stomp upon it if it were a frightful ghost?

Gong Hyo Jin Lee Jin Wook cute

We obtained secret footage of meetings between several close friends.  Here is the written audio we shamelessly recorded:

shin min ah gong hyo jin

Shin Min-Ah: You interrupted me eating my favorite food, meat, for such a question?? Aishe you fool, he traveled though time to see you.  Now go-to him!

gong hyo jin gong yoo

Gong Yoo: Ciao! I heard you are in the midst of a Robert Frost poem right now? Go with the path less traveled, aka something new and exciting that differs from your norm. Oh and any problems and I will kick his ass. Thats a Yoo guarantee!

bea doon agongBaeDooNaJimSturgess

“Hey it’s Bae [Doo Na], he seems like a fantastic man with the added bonus you two joining Jim [Sturgess] and I on double dates! The deep-cuts Beatles karaoke night was getting a little stale. I’ll support ya either way girl, and hey we still need to have our patented arts and craft beer night sometime soon!”

Unfortunately, we never heard back from GYJ’s reps, and our currently are very busy handling several lawsuits for breech of contract, breaking and entering, and overall paparazzi awfulness.  Meaning I guess we’ll never know who Gong Hyo Jin’s true OTP is.

ghy ljw seol fashion week gyh ljw

Oh well. Perhaps if our executive staff avoids jail time, season two could answer the question posed above.  Until such a time I’d like to thank all the contestants and to our viewers, remember to stay gonelvy.

gong hyo jin lee jin wook glasses Which of her leading men do you think is the greatest/hottest? I know this is like pretty much Sophie’s Choice (except without all the death and holocaust horror. But still.)

5 thoughts on “Top 5ish – Gong Hyo-Jin Love Interests in Dramaland (Update: Vote for Your Favorite!)

  1. Wait what? Where the hell Lee Jin Wook came from? The guy who looks like a lost puppy and almost always play that character in all his dramas. Btw, why no mention on Ryu Seung Beom? They’ve been together for 11 years! Is it because of Gong Yoo, I mean, Gong Yoo’s approval of LJW? Hahaha 😀

    This is hillarious! I love this post!

    • Danke! Haha yeah his inclusion does seem random, but I included LJW because he and Gong Hyo Jin are now officially an item, whilst Ryu and Gong are no more 😦
      And you should totally see Nine times time travels with Lee Jin Wook (hence the time traveling incense reference). It’s the only drama I’ve seen with him so I can only imagine him playing coolly confident characters that go though hell.

      Anyways glad you liked it! And super random but visited your blog and am so jealous of you living in the Netherlands. I visited Nijmegen in 2011 and fell in love with the country!

      • Wow, awesome! Are you going to Kcon?

        I live in Amsterdam for four years now and I came from Indonesia. So I bring along my k-drama addiction with me, and combined with high speed internet connection, there is just no looking back hahaha 😀 Let me know if you want to come and visit! 😉

        I have no idea Lee Jin wook is GHJ bf! I mean, wow! I used to keep myself updated with these news but not anymore. They are actually a great pair, i can see ghj bossing ljw around hahaha

      • Alas no I have neither the time nor geographic location to go this year (though my soon to be blogging partner in crime is. So. Jealous.), but perhaps if I save up i shall be in LA for 2015. Of course if I have a very good year then I’d much rather go back to the land of tulips, Anne frank houses, and bicycles so I just might take you up on your offer haha.

        And yes to everything you said about those two, usually I’m meh about celeb couples but they seem so full of win!

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