It’s Okay That’s Love: First Impressions

Insinuation of drug use and masturbation, open discussions of sex, transgendered characters, divorced characters, bringing mental health issues to the foreground and literal dick measuring contests.  This list alone seems iffy for Korean cable, but for the premier episode on a network?  Consider me flabbergasted.  This show seems to be on a mission to change the perceptions of what a K-Drama is and what it can achieve.

Color me impressed with it’s to-do list, though from these first two episodes, it seemed more like throwing a case full of pencils at a ceiling and hope they all stick.

That isn’t to say I didn’t throughly enjoy every minute of it, especially the pilot, which was such a glorious hodgepodge of happenings and misplaced scenes it’s rather amazing how enraptured I was.

In part this is due to all the plot points and questions raised in this first week which piqued my interest in what will occur down the line (such as the Cane and Abel scenario, all the past relationships, and everything D.O.)

it's okay that's love d.o. face

But really y’all. This cast is daebak! Kwang Soo (playing Soo Kwang.  Natch.)  Is adorable, sad, and funny all rolled into a character suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to look past his “Giraffe” persona on RM, but I was pretty seamlessly immersed into this world and his character so that wasn’t a problem.

it's okay that's love iotl kwang soo

Song Dong Il is totally in his AM97 lovable snark wheelhouse playing a divorced psychiatrist who occasionally makes ill-timed cancer jokes.  Love him and his relationship with Soo-Kwang.

it's okay that's love song dong il

As for our main couple, I never had any doubt these two would ping off one an other with crackling chemistry and pre-feelings bickering.

it's okay that's love cast japan

What I’m really loving is their characterizations individually, with GHY adorning a personality of a feisty viper with a side of sass.  Plus how refreshing is it to have a female lead with a steady, professional job. She’s not even a chaebol to receive such a position, meaning she *gasp* did it on her own?!? Whoa.  Last time I saw that in dramaland it was… another Noh Hee Kyung drama where the lead was a vet. (Padam Padam).


Unpersonified recreated image of Gong Hyo Jin’s Character in IOTL.

As for Jo In Sung, he has the whole playboy with a dark past thing down pat, and has produced one of the more interesting backstories that makes me need to know more in quite some time.

Quick Hits

*Why must this compete in the same time-slot as Fated to Love You (not to mention Joseon Gunman) aishe.

*Grey haired hyung has my full-attention… I must know why his hair is like that! (and his stabby stabby ways also I reckon)

*Psychology seemed a bit broad, mostly focusing on if people are inherently good or evil, but considering the first battle of the minds took place on talk show trying to make mental health sexy, it’s all good.. for now.

*D.O. has thus far won the award for best idol début in a drama.  Not that he had that much to do, and his cuteness may be clouding my judgement, but come on. Can you blame me?

it's okay that's love d.o. cute

*This soundtrack though…interesting.  Very reminiscent of westernized soundtracks.  No typical K-indie or K-Pop found here.  Problem is some of those songs already seem overplayed after two episodes usage so I hope they switch up the jams for the sake of my sanity. (Though Pixies and Pixies covers will never get old.)

*For those wondering here are the names of the songs I could find (1st two episodes only). Pixies – Here Comes Your Man, Sunboat – Little Suns, Twin Forks – Cross My Mind, and Quentin Koissaman – Hello IRA version (Tommorowland)

*Random Prediction for Future Happenings– Well since my D.O. centered one has apparently already been solved (let’s just say its reminiscent of a Dexter season I heard about), Instead I will focus on GHY broken arm and how they wrote it in the subsequent scripts.  Because her character already had arm trouble from run-in with her ex-patient, me thinks her troubles will become chronic.  Then a fall due to someone’s else’s (aka JIS) carelessness, leads to her being sling bound.  What further complicates this scenario is that she grows a little too attached to those Vicodin aka pain pills.  Don’t do drugs kids!

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