Video Variety – Alex Sings Oasis and I Dream of an Island…

Heyo! So for all two of you who read/watched any of these VV posts, this will probably be my last weekly edition of Video Variety until I find more random Korean affiliated pop-culture videos. Anyone can still look back at the archives to remember the day Anna Kendrick became a K-pop star, G-Dragon evoked Gil Rae Im, Mad-Tv took on K-Dramas, and Jung Ryeo Won interviewed Britney Spears. Ahh memories.

Fear not though as today we have a trifecta of cultural mash-ups coming your way, where a Canadian-Korean with the statistically proven best name ever, sings a cover from one the most influential Brit/alt bands of the 90’s, my dear Oasis.

alexalbumsu3em3 oasis wonderwall

Oasis is most famously known for their song “Wonderwall”. A classic that like ones hipster friend by proxy, can be initially irritating when you are reminded of its presence… but after really getting a feel for the song/his eccentric thoughts of how Facebook is the root of all evil, can actually get under your skin in a melancholic, contemplative way.


The Book of Face is watching you man…. Now let’s crank up The National!


For myself, I always harken back to my first TV obsession LOST, where Merry Charlie was just a poor musician shilling his soul on the streets (no, not in the prostitute-y sense). This song and band are obvious parallels to Charlie and his brother Liam, and before I begin incessant chatter about lotto numbers and Mamma Cass, I will cease the Lost talk… for now muahahaha.

Anyways promise a more coherent post next time, but for now enjoy the magic of Alex and his creamy voice, giving life to Oasis with my personal favorite song of theirs, “Don’t Look Back in Anger”.


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