Surplus Princess Review: Ridiculous but oh so WTF Fun

Due to this Summer’s rom comissance, I told myself I wouldn’t have time for yet another show, even one with one episode per week and/or one where I could finally figure out the internet’s fascination with Song Jae Rim (Nail Shop Paris).  Well when the time came for me to do something other than to literally watch paint dry (nails of course, almost like SJR subliminal advertising), I figured why not watch 46 minutes of horrible effects, cringey plot contrivances and the one mermaid who must employ or bust.

Well hold onto your scales folks, cause this crazy chick has drunk the once thought fishy, Ocean Spray flavored Kool-aid and mama is in like fin.

surplus mermaid princess kiss

You’ve heard of so bad it’s good shows, (Boys Over Flowers would be a classic example).  In my opinion, and based on recent discussion on the PCHH podcast, people oft get enjoyment from these shows from laughing at the  program instead of with (slightly resembling a twisted form of Shaudenfreude).  The difference with Surplus Princess is, they are so in on the joke, almost willing you along to breath in the ridiculata.

It also helps to have yet another stand-out cast in a summer of fantastic K-drama ensembles.  Seriously there isn’t one character that seems flat, boring, or annoying and that includes the stalker second lead and our aqua legged heroine, played by Jo Bo Ah (SUFBB).  She was one of the reasons I felt I could skip this drama, but I’m happy to report she has kicked, punched, and swam her way to a much improved actress then the one in Shut Up.

Jo Bo ah Surplus Princess

Though I must shamelessly say the guys are quite a draw, in both looks and character.  I like setting up a love triangle where the answer is unclear, especially since both guys seem equally tempting.

Song Jae Rim – He of the apple bottom jeans (juries out if he has “boots with da fur”) but guaranteed the whole club is looking at him, because Dayum.  Love the EVVIL moment in the elevator.  To evoke the book of Mulan: “When will [his] reflection show who he is inside…?”

Surplus Princess Song Jae Rim Mermaid reflection

Not Song Jae Rim: Just kidding, I love this guy.  So chipper, playful, and cute.  His smile could probably melt my imaginary fins away.  Plus piano keyboard: how have I never seen this before. Ahmazang!

Surplus princess oh joo wan Surplus princess secret love affair

I must tip my hat to my episode 1 Secondary Character MVP- I shall call her drunk aunt Ursula and she is marvelous.

Surplus Princess russia drunk Surplus princess drunk mermaid

As for the others they are no slouches either, including: Korean John Lennon, SNL Korea guy <3, token Flower Boy, WEB TOON EDITOR!, Asian Meryl Streep/Devil Wear’s Prada, footlocker employee who just saw Amelie, and Assassin Creed wannabe.  Guys this is real.

Surplus princess larry curly and moe Surplus Mermaid Princess Devil wears prada Surplus Princess Mermaid Kim Jae HwaSurplus Princess assassins batman

Quick Hits

*I don’t know if it’s all the Flowerboy alums, ensemble feel, or bits of non Korean that isn’t English, but doesn’t this seem like the next installment of the Flowerboy series? Jeez TvN, you complete me.

*Here’s all the reference I caught, insinuated, or Viki said so: My Love From the Star, Secret Love Affair (!), Disney’s The Little Mermaid, K-Pop bands blah blah, Batman, Devil Wears Prada, Attack on Titan (?), Sailor Moon, and the Terminator.  This is from one episode people.  That’s enough references to make the Hong Sisters jealous.

Surplus Princess Ursula mermaid Surplus Princess Attack of Titan Surplus Princess Sailor Moon Mermaid Surplus Princess Terminator

*Way to promote mens’ gluteus maximus show, so often it seems like women don’t care as much about das butt as men’s fascination with da female booty.  Well this show is breaking the glass ceiling on that hogwash.  Gots ta love dat man ass. #equalitySurplus princess dat ass

*Always loved the added on-screen comedic writings that seem a hallmark for many TvN shows.  This show may have just upped the ante.

SUrplus Princess Ahn Kil Kang Surplus princess Sevelyn unnie

*Usually I make random predictions when I review first episodes but with SP I so just want to laugh, guffaw, and go along this wild and cray cray ride.  Instead I will make a wish-list of content I want parodied: The Hunger Games, Splash, Flower Boy Next Door, The Beatles, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Bourne Soundtrack, and more You Who Came From the Star.

* These screenshots from the show actually happened.

Surplus princess white DJ Surplus princess moon kingdom SUrplus Princess heart Surplus princess underwater kiss



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