We’re Back: A Blogger’s Popcultural Story (Lack of Sleep Edition)

we're back

With 100% less prehistoric, time traveling creatures. That’s a Muenchabench guarantee!

Hiya Everyone!

It’s been awhile. I reckon an additional job/hectic scheduling/life changes will do that to a blogger, but I swear I didn’t intend to go all “Gone Girl” on you.  You know it’s been a while when you input your Constant Contact ID into your blogging username.  And now it looks like WordPress has done gone all upgraded, leaving me bewildered, confused, and amused.

confused state

I hope to not take such long hiatuses in the future, though as for the posting multiple times per week…  Hahaha #thoseweretheweirdoldays #isitjuneyet.  My goal when the hypothetical dust settles is to post once a week, hopefully on the same day but as everything with my silly old self you never know what your going to get.

Though rest assured I have been watching the dramas Korean.  Completed Marriage Not Dating and Fated to Love You (liked both for the most part). I will finish It’s Okay It’s Love (no matter how ambivalent that process seems), and am still fintastically obsessed with Surplus Princess. Eventually will write either a Summer Rom-Com round up of those first three shows, or provide a mini review of each.  Then I hope to start My Secret Hotel, the 99 problems and my age is one show, or anything else that seems promising. Which means do let me know what is your current drama crack at the moment.

I guess that’s it for now, oh and I did update the site with Instagram and twitter accounts I should stop ignoring, so +1 for technology!

*let me reiterate that is not a Google+ 1 for tech.   I like how this “Social” media has made it so I never have time to see actually people.

me in my natural state

Recreation of my natural state this past month.