Video Variety – Steven Yeun Hungry for K-Fame


Steven Yeun contemplating Fan assisted suicide. One of many instances that had me gasping for air.

Anyone who needs a laugh (and especially those who don’t) need to stop what your doing, take a break and watch this amusing, humorous video series.  Though each lasts episode lasts about 7 minutes, give yourself 25 because like Pringles, once you start the fun won’t stop!


The “plot” involves a heightened version of Steven Yeun (Korean-American actor from The Walking Dead fame), and his attempt at Korean fame and glory by becoming a mokbang, or food eating vlogger, (yes, this is a thing) star.

Links are below:

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3

Quick Hits:

-Due to lack of K-pop knowledge, I haven’t heard of Sandra Park previously, but that didn’t mean I didn’t get the biggest laugh from her last scene at episode 2.

whats eating steven yeun sandra park

-That said Lee Min Ho fan tees.  GENIUS!

Steven yuen korean funny whats eating steven yeun

-Park Hyuk Kwon brought it as Steven’s manager, but nothing made me more giddy then seeing some Secret Love Affair decorum in his office #SLA for life!

Whats eating steven yeun yuen secret love affair

I needed this poster in my house like, yesterday.

-To finish the Walking Dead-Korean culture connection, let’s look at  the actor who played Glenn’s father in law (Hershel).  He played a part in only the biggest Korean film of all-time aka The Host, playing the part of an American scientist in the opening scene.


-You Go Glenn Coco!

whats eating steven yeun lee min ho

Serious Aside Alert!

I’ve been a Steven Yeun fan for awhile now, even though The Walking Dead endless cycle of fear and depressive dread doesn’t really do it for me.  His character Glenn Rhee represents a fully developed Asian character on network TV, something I’ve brought up before because it’s so rare, especially for Asian Males. Hell, even Glenn wore this stupid-ass hat for two seasons.  Evoking what executives must think is the only other Asian character of importance – Short-Round.

Walking dead glenn

Whyyy Walking Dead producers. Even Short-Round is upset.

The Asian characters that do make it to screen end up being stereotypical, static, and utterly sexless.  When I see such a character on American television it makes me almost as mad as when I first saw Breakfast at Tiffanies


I said almost.

From watching dramas I know this is complete and utter bullshit.  I’ve witnessed fountains a-flowing with sexy asian males. From the rough n’ rugged, the oh so pretty, and the abaliscious. So let’s get take charge and try to increase the quota to more then one developed (character or otherwise) Asian man every five years.

tumblr_m99gqvaUOH1r7co7bo1_1280 Daniel Dae Kim Lost

Steven Yuen- Walking Dead          Daniel Dae Kim – Lost

Just noticed how both these characters are in diverse ensembles, genre shows with a survival based premise.  I could go on and on about what this means.  But let’s just look at the pretty instead shall we?


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