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Life and Everything Always aka dumb and dumber

My K-Drama watching began one summer when I, on a whim, clicked Secret Garden to keep me from losing my mind on an exercise bike.  From then on I was hooked.  The one thing I didn’t need was yet another excuse to procrastinate, but between the slow death of a beloved film genre (rom-coms RIP), and a fractured ankle, my slow burning addiction to Korean shows, Samsung phones and ramyun recipes would continue to pick up steam.  You could say I’m a media junkie to begin with, working in movie theaters in high school and college and even having my own indiesque radio show at the college station (90.5 KCSU ftw).  Television is where my media soaked heart really lies. As a child of the 90’s,  shows like Rugrats, Cosby Show reruns, and not understanding Frasier were my jams (I was a weird kid, still am).  This “jam” became an obsession puree when Friends and Lost came into my life so before you can say “television criticism” I was in –  hook, line, and sinker.  Basically this blog is an attempt to cull all my random TV centered interests and look at it on a micro and macro perspective.  Simply put, I’m gonna talk about what I like ya dig?  As of right now it will be primarily focused on Korean television, with future posts discussing both formats, but with my lack of focus, things could change…

Random tidbits

  • I’m from the ole’ USofA. Don’t Judge Me.
  • Monolingual-ish, so no Korean here, but four years of Spanish and one year partaking in the dead language known as Latin has to mean something right? (Vos nescitis quidquam John Nix, aliena puella.)
  • Love using “Y’all” even though i’m not from that South.  Second person plural is totally underrated and deserves some pronoun lovin’.
  • Lists are great because  1. It attempts to organize chaos, much like the law but entertaining and about as useful (ba dum crash, I’m here all week people!). 2. Combines words and numbers in a fashion much more suited to my numerical sensibilities then calculus or statistics (damn you derivatives and z-tables!) 3. When you can no longer think of entries for the ladder parts of said list, it forces you to get creative, much like this pointless sentence.
  • Musical tastes – more of an indie kid/hipster wannabe when it comes to music, so K-Pop not really my thang though it’s repetitive use in dramas often pulls me in anyway.  K-indie on the other hand, well now your talking, or perhaps I should say softly humming whilst swaying to the melodic sounds of Tearliner.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “… my slow burning addiction to Korean shows, Samsung phones and ramyun recipes would continue to pick up steam.”

    Love it! Also, I took Latin, too. And, I use ya’ll, but I can ’cause I’m from the South… LOL

    I love Love LOVE K-Indie, including Tearliner, and will have to do a post on that as well. Bluedawn, Neon Bunny, Clazziquai Project, Belle Epoque, Adult Child… etc.


    • Haha awesome, I hope to move to the Carolinas in the not too distant future (though I would first need to learn how to tame the beast that is humidity for my wild hair) and will be spitting y’alls like nobody’s business.
      And K-Indie is chamazing!!!! it came at the right time, because standard indie was starting to sounds like pitiful whining set to a white noise machine. For me, Coffee Prince has been the epicenter of finding great bands but I definitely could use more band suggests if you have em’!

      • Oh, humidity and hair. The war wages on!

        I also first got into Kindie through Coffee Prince! I also recommend Humming Urban Stereo, Fanny Fink, Casker, Sogyumo Acacia Band, and 10CM. Oh, and Donawhale.

  2. Hello Muenchabench24. We’ve never met, but I checked out your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find the nomination and rules at worththedrama.com/2015/04/liebster-award-nomination. (Hope you don’t mind the nom from a stranger!)

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