My mother still remembers that when K preceded something, it was usually followed by more Ks :(

Hello to all my K-Kiddos,

I just want to thank everyone for making my blog such a K-Tastic hit this year! Just today, I’ve had 9 unique visitors to the site… 9! So I’m going all out next year. I’ve quit my “job” in the districts of red lights, although I hesitate to call as such since its really more of a pastime, and I’m devoting every waking moment of mine to all things K. I’ve even gotten my brother (the handsome guy on the left of the page who makes the entirety of my insta-feed … to freelance for me and even post in my name on occasion. Best K-hristmas gift this year!

I also want to share with y’all one of my deepest loves, and that is podcast consumption! If you’ve never listened to a ‘pod’, think of it like this – a lecture encapsulated into KBs of portable memory that you can take with you everywhere and listen to when all your friends ubiquitously proclamate for you to “back off, you smell like decaying cabbage, and you shade yourself from the sun like some sort of shriveling snail.” And you can stand proud, pop in your skull-candies you questionably acquired from your beloved brother, and delve into life’s deepest intellectual challenges, or listen to a funny fun story. Here’s my listicle of favorite pods continuing production in 2015! but only with listener support :/

1) Strangers – Throaty and terminally congested narrator and producer Lea Thau releases incredible stories with perpetually solid content, editing, and meaning. Unfortunately, she sounds as if she awoken from a 2 week binger every time she awakes groggily to record, but thankfully she’s not the one telling stories.

2) Serial – Normally my inner-hipster would admonish myself for enjoying something so mainstream, but it’s fine guys – I listened to it before it was cool. Still, the lack of pink ink will hide this from my judging readers. If you’ve never heard of this podcastic craze, I’ll allow SNL to satirize it for you.

3) True Story – I’m tactfully inserting this horrific pod onto the list to juxtapose it to the brilliance that is Strangers. These short podcasts feature young trustifarian Stanford grads, who I imagine are attempting to explore meaningful humor of the minute details of their sorrowful existences. I suggest listening to “See You Next Fall”, sit in preponderance about in all the mundane things you could’ve done with that 6 minutes and lament the eternal loss of that time, then listen to an inspirational episode of Strangers like “Franky Carrillo: Life”. I promise it’ll make you want to befriend more brown people in your life.

4) How Jamaica Conquered the World – Cause of Jamaican accents and the story of “Cool Runnings”

5) KCRW’s Unfictional – I really like storytelling pods, okay!

Okay everyone enjoy the New Year if yah follow the Western calendar! Byeeeeee

The Year That Was – 2014 Volume Uno: Best of K-Dramas

Wow, hard to believe but this marks just over 1 year of hardcore drama watching.  First exposed to Secret Garden via Netflix a couple years ago, it took some time (and free time) in order to finally jump in to the magic of Kdramaland.  I come to this “official kdrama watcher tag” by my first experience live-streaming, aka watching shows that haven’t been recommended in some critical consensus because they are still airing, which can also mean #loomingdissapointment.  But I’m in no position to complain, as my first “live” drama just happened to be the small, modest You Who Came From the Stars.  I like the symmetry that my first drama and first live drama just happen to be the most popular trendy dramas of the past 5 years.

yoo in ah

Key to crazy drama hits – Yoo In Ah?

Both set viewer records domestically and abroad, while proving their worth far after the final episode through parodies, tours, references, and commentary from news outlets.  At this point you may be thinking, “wait, I thought this post was going to discuss the year’s best dramas, not some girls experience watching massive hits.” Well if y’all would just calm down, my stream of conscious thoughts will eventually catch up so take Xanax and chill/scroll down.

AAA secret garden from the stars

My misappropriated point is this.  With both shows I was giddy for watching/experiencing something new.  The former being a K-Drama or long-form rom-com and the ladder being the feeling of watching a drama with an international online community, all while only barley grasping how huge the show actually was.  Thusly, my biased for these shows were/are obviously impacted.  Both shows have many problems that keep if from being a “perfect drama”, and yet I shall look upon these dramas with fondness and happy nostalgia pains for all that it lead to, namely this blog and the online drama community.

With all that sappiness outta the way let’s move onto the the good, bad, and ugly of 2014 in dramaland.  This year I watched 18 dramas.  I count watched dramas as anything where I watched the majority of episodes in 2014, either by calendar dates (Pinocchio), or it was so bad I dropped (Greatest Marriage).  Two currently airing dramas I’m loving, (Healer and Valid Love) won’t have enough episodes aired in 2014 to allow inclusion, but considering my happy dance when each episode is uploaded, expect their inclusion for 2015’s list.

Honestly I’m not sure If I could ever see myself completing more then 20 dramas (live) annually because there is whole lotta crap to wade through in order to get the gems.  Though when you do find those few precious few shows that surpass expectations, it can make any so-so year feel suddenly one to remember.

Because I feel the sudden need to acknowledge all these shows I put around a days worth of time and subtitle reading skills to, I’ve decided to follow the People Republic of Boulder suit and give everyone a trophy/award.  Like is my want, not all awards are created equal.  In addition, the shows are grouped together and in two main cate–, eh well you’ll figure it out. Onwards!

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Korean Movies Reviews Vol. Better than Ok- The Kim Ja Ok Memorial Marathon


Note: Sorry this is posted much later than intended.  It took me far too long to get to the last film I wanted to see for this post.

When I belatedly heard the news of Kim Ja Ok passing, it hit me pretty hard — like Maya Angelou and Robin Williams hard.  At was puzzling at first.  Perhaps because as a K-Dramas devotee for around a year now, this is the first time where where a Korean actor passed whose work I knew so well.

Often when I see peoples work at an influential time in my life, it sticks with you in ways even “better” work’s can’t.  Well, considering the beginning of my drama watching included My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Coffee Prince, she will always be K-Drama Mama #1 in my book.

Which isn’t to say that’s how she will only be remembered.  Looking at KJO filmography she a major part of 70-80’s Korean cinema, and after a 25 year absence came roaring back in dramas and films.

Though I am much more attune to her work on television, the following will be reviews/odes to some of her cinematic achievements in the ladder stage of her long and distinguish career.  I hope to one day visit her earlier work as well, especially to see the characters she portrayed when she wasn’t excelling in playing the quirky Korean mom types like…

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Video Variety – Steven Yeun Hungry for K-Fame


Steven Yeun contemplating Fan assisted suicide. One of many instances that had me gasping for air.

Anyone who needs a laugh (and especially those who don’t) need to stop what your doing, take a break and watch this amusing, humorous video series.  Though each lasts episode lasts about 7 minutes, give yourself 25 because like Pringles, once you start the fun won’t stop!


The “plot” involves a heightened version of Steven Yeun (Korean-American actor from The Walking Dead fame), and his attempt at Korean fame and glory by becoming a mokbang, or food eating vlogger, (yes, this is a thing) star.

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Korean Movie Reviews Vol. 6 – I am Always Happy to use Guys With Secret..Windstruck Grannies

Back by popular demand  is my laughable attempt to be a film connoisseur/critic.  From now on I will shake up the format making it easier for those of you just want to know if they should spend two hours of ones life with movie x, but still featuring plenty of nonsense baked in to each.  This batch heavily leans in the “Romance” category, but with genres and tones running rampant from there.

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Misaeng (An Incomplete Life) Review: Dreary Office Life Never Hurt so Good.

Well that was a beautifully crafted nightmare (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).  Seriously though, I’m so glad they didn’t “K-dramatize” this web-toon adaptation.  I was worried from the light n’ frothy faux-angst the previews made the show out to be.  Don’t get me wrong, such shows are certainly in my wheelhouse, but if TV shows were a meal then I shan’t be only consuming sweets and soju for all my nourishment needs. Diabetes runs in my family y’all*

diabeat this


Instead this show represents a lovely steak.  One that is so rich you must chew carefully and fully embrace the textured flavors….(Sorry not sorry to all those vegetarians out there). Okay enough food metaphors (especially since I literally had almonds mixed with yogurt for for dinner).

Let’s get down and dirty into the life of a newbie corporate drone!

Misaeng octopus geu-rae

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