We’re Back: A Blogger’s Popcultural Story (Lack of Sleep Edition)

we're back

With 100% less prehistoric, time traveling creatures. That’s a Muenchabench guarantee!

Hiya Everyone!

It’s been awhile. I reckon an additional job/hectic scheduling/life changes will do that to a blogger, but I swear I didn’t intend to go all “Gone Girl” on you.  You know it’s been a while when you input your Constant Contact ID into your blogging username.  And now it looks like WordPress has done gone all upgraded, leaving me bewildered, confused, and amused.

confused state

I hope to not take such long hiatuses in the future, though as for the posting multiple times per week…  Hahaha #thoseweretheweirdoldays #isitjuneyet.  My goal when the hypothetical dust settles is to post once a week, hopefully on the same day but as everything with my silly old self you never know what your going to get.

Though rest assured I have been watching the dramas Korean.  Completed Marriage Not Dating and Fated to Love You (liked both for the most part). I will finish It’s Okay It’s Love (no matter how ambivalent that process seems), and am still fintastically obsessed with Surplus Princess. Eventually will write either a Summer Rom-Com round up of those first three shows, or provide a mini review of each.  Then I hope to start My Secret Hotel, the 99 problems and my age is one show, or anything else that seems promising. Which means do let me know what is your current drama crack at the moment.

I guess that’s it for now, oh and I did update the site with Instagram and twitter accounts I should stop ignoring, so +1 for technology!

*let me reiterate that is not a Google+ 1 for tech.   I like how this “Social” media has made it so I never have time to see actually people.

me in my natural state

Recreation of my natural state this past month.

Not So Serious Review – High School King of Life Conduct

High School King of savvy life conduct min suk get off my laen

Thank you very Kamsa HSKoS! Finally, my belated review on the surprise show of the summer, oh my how I will miss this world, the characters, and SIG!  Perhaps my want to still be in this universe is why I am a week late in writing the wrap-up for the show (though it probably more to-do with life conducting my lack of blogging time, but, shhh that sounds much too boring).

Before I turn into a mushy puddle of complete and utter Seo In Guk Teen Beat fangirling, let me say this drama boasted one of the all-around greatest drama ensembles I’ve seen in quite some time.  Not only were they crackling with chemistry, able to bounce off one an other,  and featured people who were human instead of the too-perfect saint devoid of personality or the equivalent of Hitler’s spawn.  Most all characters were given more than just one trait and often had their own side arcs that ran parallel to the main story, which is easier said then done, especially with your typical K-Dramas.

High School King of savvy life conduct Selca kim and teens high school king of savvy e16 singing

But enough with this actual review nonsense, considering Soo Young (Lee Ha-Na) was always overly stretching her bungee jumping metaphor, let’s add to the amusement park ride analogy by delving deeper into these side-characters, or shall I say side-show characters…

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Robin Williams: A Voice for Every Generation.

Note: This retrospective will be strictly told from my POV, especially in discussing my age in comparison to his filmography. (which always seems weird and self serving to make someone’s death about yourself, but can be an almost universal reaction for situations such as these.) So if you’re not a Gen Y’er (ages18-28) this may make even less sense then my usual ramblings of nothingness.  Promise the next posting will be filled with more cheer, back hugs, and presumably Koreans.

mork and mindy

Back in western pop culture mode, unfortunately it’s in reaction to the horrible news of Robin Williams untimely passing. Girl‘s Hanna Horvath once said that she could be the voice of the her generation. Well apologies to Hanna and her severe case of narcissism, but a voice well known to my generation (especially my youth) is none other than Mr. Williams.

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Surplus Princess Review: Ridiculous but oh so WTF Fun

Due to this Summer’s rom comissance, I told myself I wouldn’t have time for yet another show, even one with one episode per week and/or one where I could finally figure out the internet’s fascination with Song Jae Rim (Nail Shop Paris).  Well when the time came for me to do something other than to literally watch paint dry (nails of course, almost like SJR subliminal advertising), I figured why not watch 46 minutes of horrible effects, cringey plot contrivances and the one mermaid who must employ or bust.

Well hold onto your scales folks, cause this crazy chick has drunk the once thought fishy, Ocean Spray flavored Kool-aid and mama is in like fin.

surplus mermaid princess kiss

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Video Variety – Alex Sings Oasis and I Dream of an Island…

Heyo! So for all two of you who read/watched any of these VV posts, this will probably be my last weekly edition of Video Variety until I find more random Korean affiliated pop-culture videos. Anyone can still look back at the archives to remember the day Anna Kendrick became a K-pop star, G-Dragon evoked Gil Rae Im, Mad-Tv took on K-Dramas, and Jung Ryeo Won interviewed Britney Spears. Ahh memories.

Fear not though as today we have a trifecta of cultural mash-ups coming your way, where a Canadian-Korean with the statistically proven best name ever, sings a cover from one the most influential Brit/alt bands of the 90’s, my dear Oasis.

alexalbumsu3em3 oasis wonderwall

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Korean film reviews Vol. 5: My Little Joint Security Book (of doom)


More movie madness!  I actually watched 2/3  of these films some time ago, but like a certain nerdy spy in My Girlfriend is an Agent of the 7th grade,  you just can’t keep a good film/bumbling superspy out for long.  With previous movie editions I would attempt to tie the seemingly dissimilar trifecta of films together, usually thematically.  Well considering I couldn’t have picked three different films if I tried, then might as well do it again! Here goes… All three deal with a deconstruction of society/humanity, one be it through the literal end of the world, one through the purpose of manufactured identities via country, and the other through marriage.  See, I can attempt deep thoughts…. And now your about to witness silly portmanteau’s with movie titles and ponies sooo enjoy!

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Korean Pop Culture Obsessions: Notting Hill (Updated!)

Notting hill koreans

Ever wonder why in certain dramas people only seem to reference Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in reference to Hollywood movie stars? Well it’s that train of thought that started me down this pop-culture rabbit hole.  Unfortunately, the “Brangelina Effect” is too tall an order for me to tackle at this moment. Instead, I’ll discuss my findings of another Hollywood treasure, the 1999 Rom-Com Notting Hill.

Now Notting Hill is very near and dear to my heart.  When I used to work for a movie theater, we each had name tags indicating our favorite film, so I went with the “hip” answer by choosing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Royal Tenenbaums, and Run Lola Run. Fantastic films in which to lord over the average theater patron with my faux cinematic pretentiousness, but put a gun to my head and out comes Notting Hill every time.

Because I literally watch this movie once a season without fail, I am fine-tuned to notice any references (be it real or imaginary) that crop up, so when Secret Garden‘s Oska played “She” (Notting Hill’s equivalent of “My Heart Will Go On”), I always wondered if the Korean reception for the film surpassed even America’s or Britain’s.

So this is the result of my exhaustive “research”, and I’ll touch on some conclusions upon finishing, so dig into some tasty mayo yogurt and enjoy!


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