Video Variety – Steven Yeun Hungry for K-Fame


Steven Yeun contemplating Fan assisted suicide. One of many instances that had me gasping for air.

Anyone who needs a laugh (and especially those who don’t) need to stop what your doing, take a break and watch this amusing, humorous video series.  Though each lasts episode lasts about 7 minutes, give yourself 25 because like Pringles, once you start the fun won’t stop!


The “plot” involves a heightened version of Steven Yeun (Korean-American actor from The Walking Dead fame), and his attempt at Korean fame and glory by becoming a mokbang, or food eating vlogger, (yes, this is a thing) star.

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Video Variety – Alex Sings Oasis and I Dream of an Island…

Heyo! So for all two of you who read/watched any of these VV posts, this will probably be my last weekly edition of Video Variety until I find more random Korean affiliated pop-culture videos. Anyone can still look back at the archives to remember the day Anna Kendrick became a K-pop star, G-Dragon evoked Gil Rae Im, Mad-Tv took on K-Dramas, and Jung Ryeo Won interviewed Britney Spears. Ahh memories.

Fear not though as today we have a trifecta of cultural mash-ups coming your way, where a Canadian-Korean with the statistically proven best name ever, sings a cover from one the most influential Brit/alt bands of the 90’s, my dear Oasis.

alexalbumsu3em3 oasis wonderwall

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You Who Came From The Stars: Amusing Clip Findings – Video Variety


With the cornucopia of rom-com dramas* airing it may be easy to forget the long and winding drought dramaland had without the fluffy rom com fare that’s become a touchstone to Korean television.  I don’t think I could pin point why we had more shows with serial killers instead of kisses, but no matter, at least I’m in love with this most current slate.

*Seriously, at last count we have Trot Lovers, Marriage Not Dating, Fated to Love You, It’s Okay that’s Love, and High School King of Savvy.  Of those, to the best of my knowledge only one, has received mixed to negative reviews (Trot).  4/5 well received rom-coms running at the same time?!? I don’t know whether to feel greedy, or sad that these shows couldn’t have possibly been spaced out a wee bit better so that I would actually have time to watch all of them.

Also, the wait for rom-comy goodness wasn’t quite as punishing when the genre went out (or on hiatus) on a high note such as My Love From the Stars (MLFTS) which captured millions of eyeballs all over the world due to it’s intermingling of comedy, supernatural, drama, and romance. (and let’s get real JJH putting on one of the great comedic performances in a drama ever.)

So thought I would share some amusing MLFTS adjacent clips, stemming from parodies to PPL’s to plenty of KSH JJH adorableness. Enjoy!


As many things as this show did right, these header/poster pics were not one of them. Is this a 1990’s soap opera? A funeral? or a rom com featuring a 400 year old alien? Better luck next time promo department

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Video Variety – Old school cover that’s got me PSYched.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 14.24.58

Now normally I’m not one for this youtube’d covers of hit songs thang.  To me I feels like it should be a more organic experience, where you must breath in the song past its Top 40 date to not just seek out chaser views, but time to fully deduce if your version would be an appropriate cover that brings something to the table.

Now that that silly musical theorizing is out of the way, let me quickly become a hypocrite by saying I love this band, who sort of exclusively deals with covering the “songs of the moment” aka the three songs you’ll hear on the radio that month.

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Video Variety – Hard Hitting Journalism Edition: Yeo Chi (Jung Ryeo-Won) Interviews Britney Spears

Thank God for the internet as this one is quite the magnificent mess. This “interview” featuring what I will guess as a pre-fame (aka MLSS) Jung Ryeo-Won (sporting a delightful Aussie accent btw) and a pre-shaved head/umbrella fighting champion Spears. (little context was given but I’d figure it was around 2003?).
I mean where to begin??? For starters I still haven’t managed to watch in its entirety due to embarrassment. Mostly on my end but this whole thing is just so gloriously awkward, much in the way that cringe comedies dare you to look away from the screen.

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