Korean film reviews Vol. 5: My Little Joint Security Book (of doom)


More movie madness!  I actually watched 2/3  of these films some time ago, but like a certain nerdy spy in My Girlfriend is an Agent of the 7th grade,  you just can’t keep a good film/bumbling superspy out for long.  With previous movie editions I would attempt to tie the seemingly dissimilar trifecta of films together, usually thematically.  Well considering I couldn’t have picked three different films if I tried, then might as well do it again! Here goes… All three deal with a deconstruction of society/humanity, one be it through the literal end of the world, one through the purpose of manufactured identities via country, and the other through marriage.  See, I can attempt deep thoughts…. And now your about to witness silly portmanteau’s with movie titles and ponies sooo enjoy!

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