Top 5 – Alternative Pairings/Couples in Dramaland

When watching Pasta,(no major spoilers here)  my 2nd favorite relationship outside the main couples epicenter of cuteness, was the blossoming friendship of Gong Hyo-Jin and Choi Jae-Hwan’s characters.  They were lowest on the literal and metaphorical food chain (basically kitchen grunts), and often helped each other out when in dire straits.

Screenshot 2014-05-17 14.35.40Screenshot 2014-05-17 14.40.06

I then realized that outside of a OTP (and let’s face it, sometimes in spite of) it’s these types of relationships that are my favorite part of any show.  Not to deviate from K-Dramas but Mad Men has perhaps the greatest male-female platonic relationship of all-time, but watching I realize how rare that is in any storytelling medium.  So that was the basis for this top 5, but I’m making it a little bit more interpretive.  Basically any sort kind of special connection between two characters that is not easily definable (mom daughter for example), a one true pairing, or a 2nd leads thang is fair game. Hopefully that works…

Screenshot 2014-05-17 14.37.25

Good to know! and without further ado, here is number 5!

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Video Variety – SNL Korea and GTA (no GTA knowledge required!)

As an SNL junkie for some years in high school and college, imagine my enthusiasm upon discovering a Korean offshoot. Like all sketch shows, its very hit and miss, and finding subbed sketches can prove difficult. Within the sketches I have seen I will occasionally post the ones I enjoyed. The GTA series they have put out (at least 10 sketches I could find) is a high watermark for the show. Though I haven’t really played video games since days of Mario Kart and The Sims, what little knowledge I know of gaming and its culture made this a treat. Come for his “character” making character movement in games into an art form, stay for the Gaksital cameo!