It’s Okay That’s Love: First Impressions

Insinuation of drug use and masturbation, open discussions of sex, transgendered characters, divorced characters, bringing mental health issues to the foreground and literal dick measuring contests.  This list alone seems iffy for Korean cable, but for the premier episode on a network?  Consider me flabbergasted.  This show seems to be on a mission to change the perceptions of what a K-Drama is and what it can achieve.

Color me impressed with it’s to-do list, though from these first two episodes, it seemed more like throwing a case full of pencils at a ceiling and hope they all stick.

That isn’t to say I didn’t throughly enjoy every minute of it, especially the pilot, which was such a glorious hodgepodge of happenings and misplaced scenes it’s rather amazing how enraptured I was.

In part this is due to all the plot points and questions raised in this first week which piqued my interest in what will occur down the line (such as the Cane and Abel scenario, all the past relationships, and everything D.O.)

it's okay that's love d.o. face

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It’s..It’s Okay That’s Love Week! #Get Excited

Heyo.  Ever since I heard about this meeting of the minds drama way back in January, I’ve been biding my time to properly freak out for its arrival. Well the time is now, and though much has changed with the drama since its potential casting announcement. –Plagiarism scandals, change in tone to lighter and more comedic, crazy car accidents.– I can’t wait to see what Noh HeeKyung, Jo InSung, and Gong HyoJin come up with.

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