Video Variety – K Drama Parody

Bobby_lee_korean_soapK drama parody


This weeks video comes courtesy of Mad TV (1996-2009) which is basically a more multicultural SNL from what I’ve seen.  Sketches “Bon Qui Qui” and “Can I Have Your Number”  were instant dorm room classics, but today I’m focusing on the aptly titled Attitudes and Feelings Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive.  Above is one part of the five part “series” spoofing on everything from subtitle flaws, melo cliches, Korean culture, and even Westerners erm “acting”.  Now this series (AaFBDaSS for a nonsensical abbreviation) was created by Korean-American comedian Bobby Lee, who has definitely seen a drama or twenty to spoof so many aspects of the medium.

K drama Parody MadTV4

Unlike other parodies I have seen which focus on one drama in particular (usually done by K-Pop group), this attempts to poke fun at  Korean television as a whole (in a P13 fashion).  Anyways I would suggest watching from the beginning, so below is AaFBDass&^D in it’s entirety. Enjoy!

Top 5 – Favorite K-Drama tropes

Incest, wrist grabs, comas, EEEEVVVIL mothers, bitchy second leads.  What do they have in common? They are the annoying cliches and tropes used in Korean television.  But not all tropes are created equal, so this list will attempt to find the rose amongst the thorns, or is it supposed to be the other way around?



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