Review: Day 1 of KCon (Or why I didn’t attend Day 2)

Note: Hey Y’all. Muenchabench here.  Exciting news here at the eastwest dram comm blom blah – a new blogger to the site!! Bringing some clout and actual television know-how. She has been slaying DVR’s and fighting for television truth, justice, and the dramaland way for many moons.  So before I delve down deep into some Pocahontas/Wind the Winter Blows references, I will just say, “Welcome Caitlin!” and look forward to getting to know her and her blog postings (such as this) in the coming weeks 🙂


KCON looks great on paper. A two-day festival where fans of Korean pop culture can meet each other, attend panels, buy fun souvenirs, and watch concerts. It’s bound to be a great weekend, right?

No. Just… No.

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My Not So Serious Review – Pasta (2010)

So I just finished, and I’m normally not one for this kinda of thing but I decided to give it a go, and I’m happy to report it turned out okay.   I was nervous, mostly on what others would think but…. between Betty’s guidance (she’s strict, yet fair) and the easy accessibility of that sly fox Bertolli everything worked out!


Though I’m much more handy with these noodles then the edible kind.

Oh yeah, that drama was pretty good to, probably better than my attempt to recreate La Sefra’s stomach rumbling creations…


Creativity and pasta, the main ingredients to fine Italian dining, so this would get a pass from the chef right? Answer – Yes Chep!

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The Piano Man Behind Billy Joel and Secret Love Affair

billy joel

With my latest obsession in the jTBC hit Secret Love Affair, I’ve really gone down the rabbit hole in ways I’ve only done with a handful of American shows, and a first for a Korean drama.  I know i’m not alone, soompi forums and sites like Outside Seoul have produced brilliant thought-provoking discourse coupled with several amazing theories that seems to only add to the wonder that is SLA.  I’m usually horrible at thinking of such theories but perhaps it was my inner DJ/music aficionado that led to this.  In episode 12, Sun-Jae (Yoo Ah-In) and Hye-Won (Kim Hee-ae) listen to an uncut, uninterrupted 4 minute Billy Joel classic, “The Piano Man”.  Though I’m not sure if it was as impactful to Sun-Jae and the Korean audience who doesn’t understand English, but for me I was sold.  I noticed some similarities to the characters in SLA to the people Billy talks about in his song.  Below are the lyrics and scene in question

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