Top 5ish – Gong Hyo-Jin Love Interests in Dramaland (Update: Vote for Your Favorite!)

With this weeks premier of her latest show, It’s Okay That’s Love, I realized that this will be my 6th (!) Gong Hyo Jin drama.  Which means I have spent more hours watching GHJ than either Lee Min Ho or Lee Seung Gi, though she still doesn’t top my apparent love affair with Ahn Suk-Hwan (UGH. 7 dramas!).

Ahn gaksital

Why are you and your mustache twirling ways in every drama ever?!?

Truth is, whenever I choose a drama, my criteria is based on critical reaction and premise rather than the actors in question, which is why it’s rather amazing the streak GHJ has going on.  To the best of my knowledge, her past six dramas have pretty much been critical or ratings successes (usually both), with zero “forgotten dramas”.  She’s also worked with some of the dramaland’s best, and though I will be focussing on her male co-stars this time around, the creative talent should make anyone jealous considering she’s worked with Lee Kyung Hee (twice), the Hong Sister’s (twice), and now also reuniting with Noh Hee Kyung.  Sounds like your typical bitchy diva who you’d never want to work with. (JK, she’s obviously amazing)

gong hyo jin turkey donkey gong hyo jin turkey?

Warning: nothing but nonsense from here on out!

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My Not So Serious Review – Pasta (2010)

So I just finished, and I’m normally not one for this kinda of thing but I decided to give it a go, and I’m happy to report it turned out okay.   I was nervous, mostly on what others would think but…. between Betty’s guidance (she’s strict, yet fair) and the easy accessibility of that sly fox Bertolli everything worked out!


Though I’m much more handy with these noodles then the edible kind.

Oh yeah, that drama was pretty good to, probably better than my attempt to recreate La Sefra’s stomach rumbling creations…


Creativity and pasta, the main ingredients to fine Italian dining, so this would get a pass from the chef right? Answer – Yes Chep!

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