Misaeng (An Incomplete Life) Review: Dreary Office Life Never Hurt so Good.

Well that was a beautifully crafted nightmare (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).  Seriously though, I’m so glad they didn’t “K-dramatize” this web-toon adaptation.  I was worried from the light n’ frothy faux-angst the previews made the show out to be.  Don’t get me wrong, such shows are certainly in my wheelhouse, but if TV shows were a meal then I shan’t be only consuming sweets and soju for all my nourishment needs. Diabetes runs in my family y’all*

diabeat this


Instead this show represents a lovely steak.  One that is so rich you must chew carefully and fully embrace the textured flavors….(Sorry not sorry to all those vegetarians out there). Okay enough food metaphors (especially since I literally had almonds mixed with yogurt for for dinner).

Let’s get down and dirty into the life of a newbie corporate drone!

Misaeng octopus geu-rae

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It’s Okay That’s Love: First Impressions

Insinuation of drug use and masturbation, open discussions of sex, transgendered characters, divorced characters, bringing mental health issues to the foreground and literal dick measuring contests.  This list alone seems iffy for Korean cable, but for the premier episode on a network?  Consider me flabbergasted.  This show seems to be on a mission to change the perceptions of what a K-Drama is and what it can achieve.

Color me impressed with it’s to-do list, though from these first two episodes, it seemed more like throwing a case full of pencils at a ceiling and hope they all stick.

That isn’t to say I didn’t throughly enjoy every minute of it, especially the pilot, which was such a glorious hodgepodge of happenings and misplaced scenes it’s rather amazing how enraptured I was.

In part this is due to all the plot points and questions raised in this first week which piqued my interest in what will occur down the line (such as the Cane and Abel scenario, all the past relationships, and everything D.O.)

it's okay that's love d.o. face

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School 2013 – Not So Serious Review

school16-the class!

Ahhh! I am upside down on this roller coaster of emotions.  Which can only mean one thing? I doth finished School 2013: the pains, the gains!, and what the neighbors thought edition.  School 2013 went a really interesting route by pretty much solely focusing on the bonds of high school friendship, with perhaps the least emphasis on romance I have seen in a drama yet.  (Is that a Top 5 I smell? Mmmm..) But really it made this show all the more special.*

Also. THIS DRAMA CHANGES EVERYTHING. Seriously folks, how many top 5 lists are now ruined by my lack of School 2013’s inclusion.  Why didn’t y’all tell me?!? Let’s see we’ll start with the obvious: Best Alt-couple, which honestly could be made up of 5 pairings from this drama alone and I’d be satisfied.  Second is Soccer in K-Dramas. Why did I include stupid Boys over Flowers pandering to their viewers with soccer shorts, when I could have had Kim Woo BinLee Jong Suk angsty tension over the sport that led to dashed dreams and broken hearts. Seriously even saying the word “soccer” created an almost pavlovian response of ill from our two leads. My bad you guys… Even my favorite usage of English songs list should undergo construction for the lack of “Happy Together” School 2013 edition, which used several remixed versions to great effect in the 1st half of the drama.  Now does this mean I will retroactively change these lists? BAHAHAHA #way2lazy. But consider this my apology for it’s lack of representation. Sounds like I need to go back to school to learn how to make these lists correctly. Daniel Choi will be my teacher in life and love right!?

Daniel choi gollow me gif

*And also, I would argue more realistic.  This is obviously coming from my own personal experience but during those years we may have had our first whiff of guy craziness, but the bond of friendship was oh so much more influential than any high school crushes, dates, or boy/girlfriends. This seemed pretty universal for the school.  Then again, my school was designed by an architect who previously created prison blueprints, so we all might have gone a little mad from the lack of windows.

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A New Leaf – A Not So Serious Review

Note: Basically around the time of the episode cut announcement, I was checking out on the show. I did finish the episodes, but literally for the rest of the series I multitasked when watching in forms of online chores, folding clothes, calling Australia, looking at smexy world cup athletes…Sometimes at the same time! The not speaking Korean part means I missed some corporate shenanigans, Dad forgetting things, and more legalese than you can shake a gavel at.  So my apologies for any incorrect assumptions or plot points, but I made my choice, and it just happens to include abs… so many abs 😉

world cup

Shit Kaka How I miss you so!

And it’s over..!

My less than subtle way of saying we may have had some good times, but much like autumn my colors changed with you show, and I’m rather glad I don’t have to pretend to be interested in legal jargon and bloody court receivership anymore.  Which isn’t to say I didn’t expect some actual law with my legal drama, and was glad cases weren’t taking extreme jumps in logic to become a much too on the nose metaphor of its main characters issues. (I’m looking at you I Hear Your Voice, which basically had me seriously considering the merits of Korean anarchy if that dramas legal system resembled real life.)

But I don’t believe I’ve ever become so nonplussed with a drama that had so many interesting characters. Maybe it was just because the writer follows the philosophy of never showing your hand too early.  Girl would probably lose less money at poker than I, but left me annoyed at all the untapped potential.

Let us count the characters given short shrift shall we.

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Queen In Hyun’s Man: A Not So Serious Review

Jumping Jehoshaphat’s! Muenchabench finished and I do declare that like Iker Castillas (go ahead look him up, I’ll wait), this ones a keeper.  But what took me so bloody long to watch this, especially after loving Nine which was by the same creative team?  Well, mostly I heard ruminations of a lame-ass ending, and since I have seen many a time travel scenario before, didn’t know what else their was too offer.  Boy o boy I’m so glad I gave this a shot because it was so complex, thought provoking, and romantic. So much so I almost thought about making this a serious review (gasp), but cooler heads prevailed meaning were off to see the Wizard of Oz instead.

. DorothyScreenshot 2014-06-15 00.33.45Screenshot 2014-06-15 01.22.15

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Not So Serious Review – Capital Scandal

Finally completed this one, as for while I felt like I was driving in rush hour during construction – so much stop and go. At some points I guess I wasn’t fully engaged, which is odd considering I am obsessed with this time period.  Like for seriously I have possibly read too much Holocaust literature, and now seen roughly 40 hours worth of Japanese Occupation material.  Still I always know by the time the credits roll my body will be a huddled mass recreating Gravity‘s famous shot.

gravity fetal position

Though since I’m not floating through space nor Sandra Bullock, I give off a more pathetic mess type vibe.

Which is why this concept grabbed me from the onset: rom-com hijinks set in Japanese-occupied Korea. Sounds perfect especially following the last drama I saw set at this time.



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Not So Serious Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)

 Netflix is dropping most of their K-Dramas come June, which on one hand is sad, (my first K-drama experience was through that portal, and as they say the first time changes everything;) but then again it forced my hand in terms of next drama to devour this month.

Which is why My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox/Gumiho (MGiaG for short) was the next as bat,  and foMy-Girlfriend-is-a-Gumiho_590x330r some reason I was initially hesitant.  Perhaps because before I watched any Lee Seung Gi dramas, one look at this picture and I was the opposite of sold. I mean really, not only does this not resemble the LSG I know (he looks more like a teenaged speakeasy bartender suffering from constipation), but those tails seriously freaked me da frack out, it’s what I’d imagine the boogeyman having  as a tool to grab you while your sleeping*… But, with the on-going question of how many tails Mi-Ho possessed, it soon changed. Now I am basically obsessed with him, from being a manly puppy, to his heodangness. He is the OTO (one true oppa) of my dreams (where he must often battle against boogeyman/evil imaginary friends). I mean exhibit B.

Lee Seung Gi Got Milk

Got Milk? If not I have some tasty 1% so come to me Seung Gi!!!!!

*Wait so you aren’t constantly afraid of being kidnapped from the dark mysteries that lie beneath your mattress? Well obviously y’all didn’t see this Disney channel original movie as a youngster.  Yes this was marketed towards 8 year olds. Or was it?  #Disney fail

Anyways how could I not adore this Hong Sisters classic. Much like Pasta, it featured plenty of couple interactions because how annoying is it when your two leads spend more time together in memory montages than actually being in the same space.  Then add in perhaps the most adorable performance ever as played by Shin Min-ah. Aeygo that didn’t make me roll my eyes!

shin mina aeygo

And since Mina’s Mi-Ho really really really really really really wanted to be human I’m calling this next segment.  Gumiho’s – They’re Just Like Us!

Gumiho just like us

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