High School King of Life Conduct – Halftime Review

Note: This article discusses plot points through episode 8.

Considering we are halfway (definitely, maybe, depending on extensions) with the TvN drama, thought I would update my overall feelings on how this show is doing thus far. Savvy?

King of High School Life Conduct Episode

Oh dear-y, I haven’t gone this head over heels for a rom-com since My Love from the Star*, and even then I fully believe this will be the better drama when it’s all said and done.

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I Watched So You Don’t Have To: June Drama Premiers – Savvy Trot Gunman

Joseon Gunman Trot Lovers

So this last drama cycle should be deemed a  disappointment, with no crazy successes (MLFTS), cult obsessions (SLA), or even so bad/crazy its good (God’s Gift, though for a couple weeks Doc Stranger was vying. Then the complete suckiness took hold).  So with the next cycle gearing up, I figured I would try watching the first weeks worth and deduce the critical and popular reaction.  Then three months later we can all see how wrong I’ll be, Yay!  I will try to keep everything organized so people can use this as a guide if need be.

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