Top 5 – Shows that Should be Turned Into K-Dramas

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Earlier I slogged through a Top 5 deducing the best dramas that could be remade for American audiences.  It kind of sucked.  Perhaps the trouble was I don’t think these hypothetical shows would turn out half-way decent.  Part of dramas appeal is telling a long form story with a set ending, so taking a 16 hour story and turning it into x amount of episodes in the American network system seems depressing in some way.  From the reverse perspective, it proves more interesting.  Not only could you make the plot more concise, but looking at a similar premise through the lens of a culture dissimilar from your own can put a fresh perspective on a show.

Part of my inspiration for this list came from the possible Homeland remake  for Korean television, which means anything ispossible as far as adaptations go.  In this day and age where original ideas are becoming an endangered species, might as well go with the adaptive flow and help out Korean producers looking for the next hit drama!

So that is the basis for this list.  With the shows given I am least acutely aware of the premise, and included show’s trailers to give y’all a better idea of the show.  To make things more interesting, I included some Korean casting choices I would make for the Korean adaptations.  Now, onward and listwards as here is number 5!

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“Tea, what tea….

“Tea, what tea… You should remember [this] with flesh” – Lee Sun-Jae (Yoo Ah-In) Secret Love AffairSecret love affair - Hye Won hug

That quote deserves a RAWR to nth degree! Thanks for memories SLA, I hope future show creators/directors take note, because that is how you make a television show.  Excellent for it’s duration, with no lulls or out of place character beats, the only major downside is the benchmark it set for future dramas (especially melos).  While I’m still mulling over the final episodes events, let us all remember the reason any of this was possible.

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