Review: Day 1 of KCon (Or why I didn’t attend Day 2)

Note: Hey Y’all. Muenchabench here.  Exciting news here at the eastwest dram comm blom blah – a new blogger to the site!! Bringing some clout and actual television know-how. She has been slaying DVR’s and fighting for television truth, justice, and the dramaland way for many moons.  So before I delve down deep into some Pocahontas/Wind the Winter Blows references, I will just say, “Welcome Caitlin!” and look forward to getting to know her and her blog postings (such as this) in the coming weeks 🙂


KCON looks great on paper. A two-day festival where fans of Korean pop culture can meet each other, attend panels, buy fun souvenirs, and watch concerts. It’s bound to be a great weekend, right?

No. Just… No.

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Not So Serious Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)

 Netflix is dropping most of their K-Dramas come June, which on one hand is sad, (my first K-drama experience was through that portal, and as they say the first time changes everything;) but then again it forced my hand in terms of next drama to devour this month.

Which is why My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox/Gumiho (MGiaG for short) was the next as bat,  and foMy-Girlfriend-is-a-Gumiho_590x330r some reason I was initially hesitant.  Perhaps because before I watched any Lee Seung Gi dramas, one look at this picture and I was the opposite of sold. I mean really, not only does this not resemble the LSG I know (he looks more like a teenaged speakeasy bartender suffering from constipation), but those tails seriously freaked me da frack out, it’s what I’d imagine the boogeyman having  as a tool to grab you while your sleeping*… But, with the on-going question of how many tails Mi-Ho possessed, it soon changed. Now I am basically obsessed with him, from being a manly puppy, to his heodangness. He is the OTO (one true oppa) of my dreams (where he must often battle against boogeyman/evil imaginary friends). I mean exhibit B.

Lee Seung Gi Got Milk

Got Milk? If not I have some tasty 1% so come to me Seung Gi!!!!!

*Wait so you aren’t constantly afraid of being kidnapped from the dark mysteries that lie beneath your mattress? Well obviously y’all didn’t see this Disney channel original movie as a youngster.  Yes this was marketed towards 8 year olds. Or was it?  #Disney fail

Anyways how could I not adore this Hong Sisters classic. Much like Pasta, it featured plenty of couple interactions because how annoying is it when your two leads spend more time together in memory montages than actually being in the same space.  Then add in perhaps the most adorable performance ever as played by Shin Min-ah. Aeygo that didn’t make me roll my eyes!

shin mina aeygo

And since Mina’s Mi-Ho really really really really really really wanted to be human I’m calling this next segment.  Gumiho’s – They’re Just Like Us!

Gumiho just like us

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