SNL Korea: Futbol Video Game Edition – Video Variety

My last World Cup adjacent post I swear!

First off congrats Germany for an excellent tourney.  I may not usually root for tall teams, but y’all were clearly the best team this year, thus you and your beautiful goalkeeper attained a much deserved championship.

435086_heroa Manuel-Neuer-of-Germany-holds-the-Golden-Glove-trophy-as-Lionel-Messi-of-Argentina-holds-the-Golden-Ball-trophy

Now onto more important topics, like this weeks video.  I have discussed my fondness for the SNL: Korea GTA series in the pastbut thought this would be a nice bookend to to conclude all the global soccer shenanigans.

The sketch starts off a little slow but builds to a satisfying, hilarious conclusion, which includes cameos, poking fun at football guffaws, and the wrath of Korean mothers…

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SNL East vs West Part Two: Here’s What the Fox Said


So this seems pretty much inevitable no? I mean how can the topical sketch comedy show not have its own take on last years winner for the quirky MV that enticed the world for 4 minutes. (past recipients: 2012’s “Gangnam Style”, and 2011’s Rebecca Black “Friday”) Who said Ylvis is dead, he’s alive in the form of Norwegian comedy songsters who sing about animal sounds. If you don’t know about the noise the fox makes, I would suggest watching the original before both of these takes on the song.

Much like today’s news cycle, the shelf-life of such viral phenomenon is getting shorter and shorter, which is why it should come as no surprise that SNL original recipe and SNL extra Korean debuted their respective videos on the exact same day.

Just like part one of SNL (US vs KOR) series I’ll show each digital short before saying my opinions and crowning an eventual winner on who did it best. So let’s bring on some fox noises!

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The SNL vs SNL: Korea Smackdown – Part One: The Standoff

SNL vs SNL Korea

While watching SNL (Saturday Night Live) Korea’s excellent GTA series, I wondered why SNL original recipe didn’t come up with their own version.  The US may not be as video game savvy as South Korea, but part of the brilliance of those videos is how they incorporate Korean historical events or holidays (like Japanese Occupation or White Day), so transferring the same structure with American history and culture would be easy and probably better than most of the sketches produced this season.

This led to some Youtube spiraling to see if one group has, shall we say, been “inspired” by the other, and which cast produced the better sketch based on the same idea.  This weeks sketch  – “The Standoff”, a simple premise that seems widely universal, all you need is guys (or gals), guns, and a ill-timed doctors appointment.  Stay tuned for both videos after the jump!

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Video Variety – SNL Korea and GTA (no GTA knowledge required!)

As an SNL junkie for some years in high school and college, imagine my enthusiasm upon discovering a Korean offshoot. Like all sketch shows, its very hit and miss, and finding subbed sketches can prove difficult. Within the sketches I have seen I will occasionally post the ones I enjoyed. The GTA series they have put out (at least 10 sketches I could find) is a high watermark for the show. Though I haven’t really played video games since days of Mario Kart and The Sims, what little knowledge I know of gaming and its culture made this a treat. Come for his “character” making character movement in games into an art form, stay for the Gaksital cameo!